Relationships ~ 

Explore compatibility beneath the masks!

Our souls are enriched by our relationships; like stones in the river, our rough edges are worn smooth by interacting and sharing our lives. 

Comparing two birth charts brings understanding of the qualities, soul intentions and issues that we each bring to the table and how they work together.  By listening to the stars, we invite deeper, more harmonious connection between ourselves & those who matter to us most. 

The SaySo’s with Sally:

Benefits of a Relationship Reading: 
  • strengthened self acceptance & acceptance of the other ~ compassion!
  • more peace within and with those you live with ~ harmonious living!
  • ideas for magnifying one another’s talents and healing one’s own injuries ~ growth!
  • assistance to find a pathway through stalemates ~ healing!
We’ll talk about:
  • the soul challenges & desires you share
  • the gifts given to you by the other and what you’ve got that brings out the best in them.
  • where you “bump” into one another, and where you lift one another up
  • where you can shift to relate more harmoniously
  • where you need support and how to support the other
Let’s get started: take a look at how your stars line up with your lover, partner, collaborators, children and community!
90 minute reading – $100 
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