Sidereal Insights – a few notes
While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!


Actual Time of Celestial Event: Thursday January 12th, 2017 @ 4:33 am MST
Sun’s position:           27 degrees Sagittarius (The Archer)
Moon’s position:        27 degrees Gemini (The Twins)
Jupiter:                       27 degrees Virgo (The Virgin Mother)
Uranus                        25 degrees Pisces (The Fishes)


The Lowdown:

My first images are of the Centaur and the Grand Cross of this Full Moon. I feel the determination and forward moving force of the Archer and the crossbow shape that is this Grand Cross.

In my imagery, I am astride the back of the Archer and we move through my place of consciousness and up into the sky. We are the incredible power of desire, of Sagittarius, flowing through the portal of the Sun into the matrix that is this Full Moon.

Directly in front of me I see the Full Moon shining brightly in Gemini and the surprised look of the Man in the Moon is very appropriate. Almost startled, perceiving the Archer galloping towards her.

To the sides, Jupiter and Uranus in Virgo and Pisces respectively. The Archer yearns to bring these two beings into alignment with his forward motion. He is determined to actualize his goals despite any emotional opposition or mental chatter that Gemini brings.

Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces: innovation, expansion, transformation through letting go of old ways of doing things and expanding into a healthier, more wholesome, more sustainable options. These are the gifts that these other travelers bring to the Archer as he thunders down this road through the heavens.

Shadow side:
I see how we must hold our nerves study this cycle because the horse of the Archer becomes spooked [if we are emotionally freaked out, giving free rein to our emotional states] and all that forward motion [of the Sagittarius desire and will force] is thrown up in the air and the rider can be thrown.
In other words if you’re going to react emotionally pick your battles because it will really swerve the course, change your outcomes, divert the momentum!

The Archer does well to receive the gifts of Jupiter and Uranus. Any attempts to brush them off and just charge past them will instead block the road entirely. In other words, check your math, look for other ideas, don’t be sure other opinions are without validity.

And if in your haste you are doing things as you have always done them rather than exploring the binding implications of what you are doing, you might be sorry later.

Again, this is a cycle within which to steady your nerves. Things are coming at you quickly and you would like more time to make decisions. More time to examine the options, the consequences and other opinions… so if you don’t have that luxury try to be calm anyway.

The perspective of the Moon – she is witnessing these three travelers: Jupiter, the Archer who is the Sun, and Uranus. She is witnessing them trying to squeeze through the bottleneck that brings them to her. And she is hopeful that the Sun can quiet his fire just enough to receive help from these beings who seek to augment the sun’s power, if he allows it.

This is a tight gap to squeeze through this moon and by sitting inside Jupiter I feel a fullness that imagines that it cannot fit inside the present moment as it is shaped. But Uranus in Pisces where it has been for so long is laughing because of the perpetual change of these times so how can Jupiter know such a thing? How can any of us make permanence especially at these times? And of course everything is always [ultimately] impermanent.

This Full Moon shines light upon the blocks, the stuck places, the stalemates and we can choose to be emotionally knocked over by this information, these illuminations or we can be grateful to see where the hitch is in our systems

Some of what drives the haste of the Sun in Sagittarius is the illusion that he is alone and he must do his work alone. The Moon in Gemini reminds the Archer of allies and the love that surrounds him both seen and unseen. With this knowing the Archer relaxes and comes back from the gallop, down into a more relaxed pace that allows the beauty of the world, the natural world to become evident. I see fields of flowers and a village in the distance.

The Archer is capable of great things and wants only to pull you up into your Grand Expression of your precious human life. Out of the smallness in which you hold yourself. Perhaps this cycle will reveal that to you: your fears, your toxic or less then healthy obstacles that you put in your own way, and where you are not free through self imposed limits. But this is not about blasting through them [these limits] – instead as stated above, bringing awareness so that these characters can be onboard as a group, serving you moving forward in your life towards your self defined goals. Towards your chosen… upon your chosen path. Taking the next steps that you know matter now.

Obviously this relates to the new Moon of two weeks ago; what dreaming, what plans, what ideals arose and inspired you then [and since then?] What progress has been made in these last two weeks towards their actualization? If a lot, good for you; if not much, then this Full Moon shows the way illuminating your next obvious steps.  And that way may mean more self-compassion through the self-knowing of the fears and blocks self-imposed.