Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the 1st edition of the SaySo!

Three Lines of Text, in Paragraph form is going to be best. Yikes!  this header might be a bit much-io to always look at?  I mean, is it a big in your face that’s fun for doing promotion stuff, but freeking full screen?  Is that neccesary?  Perhaps I’ll try to not go full screen on it, or even add the sidebar back in… well, no.  I like the clean without sidebar part.  But otherwise, yeah, I need to downplay that face.  Jesus.  🙂

Grab a cuppa’ and let’s get groovin’!

What’s Beautiful in our World?

Turns out.. pretty much everything in the living world of nature!
I’ve been spending loads of time inside the house, working and learning…

then learning and working – on THIS, my new pathways by which I connect, communicate and share with you!  Fortunately I’ve also been staying with folks who value nature ~ and know their way around this magnificent coast that is only a few minutes from home.  I’ve discovered the wonder of the California coast that marries my rocks to the sea in a way I’ve just never understood until now.  I guess that’s what happens when you get out of the conceptual and into the actual!

Feast your eyes on these amazing sights – I sure have.
These landscapes have left me richer ~

I mean, I’m not even gonna’ try to say something killer about the sea when loads has been said better by greater writers than me!  Simply put, the sun,sea, sky match-up is magnificent

….and the bird life!  Holy Cow!  … Holy Seagulls & Pipers & long neck Cranes & Herons!   And the Tide Pools!  Oooo Ooo, I’ll put some of those images here too.

I’m hopeful that I’ve given you some uplifting lusciousness,

without too much talking from me…

~ How about some talking from you?

Please comment below and let’s get chattin’!