The SaySo’s with Sally:

Into your first breath ~ 

a visionary approach to your birth chart!


Rather than seeking meaning in concepts or symbols of the astrological tradition, you and I meditatively journey within your natal chart under its moon, sun, planets and stars.

Based soundly in the time-honored traditions of direct visioning and “maps”, we open a dialogue with the heavens as they stood at the moment of your first breath.  Deep insights and realizations can arise from nothing more than this but we will follow the clues & gently explore the terrain to find what wisdom waits for you here.

“Into your first breath” re-forges the connection between you & your birthright: the starry impress that guides and shapes you this lifetime.  Once experienced, this reading prepares you to continue this visioning work on your own, as often as you like, into your future.  Sitting in meditation with your chart in this manner will change you, in subtle and profound ways.

“Into your first breath” brings: 
  • a totally unique & personal perspective on your astrological chart
  • fresh insights for those of you already deeply familiar with your chart
  • direct avenue for connection with your moon, sun, planets & stars
  • a wonderful option for those of you who have felt confused by the lens of astrology
  • experiential and embodied, direct perception brings the wisdom home to you
  • personal empowerment to continue the work on your own, which brings a host of additional benefits!
Let’s get started: adventure with me into your birthright, for inspiration yet to be discovered!
90 minute reading – $100 

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