The SaySo’s with Sally:

Readings for Children ~ 

supporting our little lights!

As parents & guardians, how do we determine which of the child’s traits are to be emboldened & which should be discouraged?  Generally, we apply our own filters of what we prefer & what we believe the world wants.

But what if ~ instead ~ we look to see who this child came here to be and what best serves that soul purpose?
Join me in this sacred task…

Benefits of a Reading for your Child: 
  • strengthened acceptance of the child’s perspective & outlook on life ~ compassion!
  • more confidence in your understanding of the child’s needs ~ easier parenting moments!
  • ideas for magnifying the child’s talents and supporting their edges ~ growth!
  • assistance to find pathways through challenges ~ more harmonious living!
We’ll talk about:
  • the strengths & challenges embodied in this child
  • their talents & strengths ~ and what you might do to encourage them
  • their challenges & blindspots ~ and how you might offer healing
  • optimal parenting techniques to bring out their best
  • the gifts they are here to bring to the world
  • the soul challenges this little being faces
  • where you can shift to relate more harmoniously
Let’s get started: take a look at how your little light shines!
90 minute reading – $100 

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