Seership Synthesis ~ 

Anastacia Nutt & Sally Nurney, together with you!

Anastacia Nutt’s Seership work is deeply rooted in her bloodline and in the Western Mystery Tradition. Weaving both, she endeavors to leave her clients with profound life insights and practical path-based guidance.  For those of you who want to know more about this tremendous woman I call teacher, friend & sister check out her bio and website

This 90 minute reading was Anastacia’s impulse and we’ve been having a blast working together in this way.  We weave your natal astrology for the first 45 minutes and layer upon that foundation the information that streams from Anastacia to give you a power packed session.

Benefits of Seership Synthesis: 
  • a holistic view of your life, inclusive of both Astrological and Intuitive markers & indicators
  • two readings in one, synthesis ensured via the Readers long-standing working relationship
  • follow up documentation to help with integration of both readings, plus options for further mentoring available
90 minute reading – $180 

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The SaySo’s with Sally: