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Lunar Lowdown – a few notes
While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday January 27th, 2017 @ 5:06 pm MST
Sun’s position:           13 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)
Moon’s position:       13 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)

As I sat within this sacred circle, the sun came out from behind the clouds and I felt the power of Capricorn and the urgency to do and make concrete.

I saw adorable little goats, a herd of goats nibbling on my clothes and pulling me along.

They pulled me into fields of sunlight and every detail was illuminated, every clover leaf. It all stood out in high detail. Great radiance and abundance.

And then continued to guide me, up up.  guiding me to where?

Our heights.

They guided me into a place that was without fear.  I moved in a way that I normally would not.

This is a guide for us all: a meta view of what is actually possible for each of us, beyond the fears that we hold. Take a look, in vision style. What do you see? Beyond the limits you normally hold yourself to?

What can you accomplish during this time period where fear seems lower somehow? where your normal fears are on hiatus.

This little humble flock of goats headstrong goats pulled me into visions that show me doing things that normally make me fearful and yet in the vision there was no fear. I’m reminded of such expressions as “what would you try to do if you knew you could not fail?” It is a time to contemplate that.

And the environment of clover, abundant and in high definition of visual clarity:

this is an indication of the many details and options coming forward for each of us now.

It can be overwhelming the many details to be managed

this visual splendor, this detail hyper vigilance can bewitch us and draw us into a sea of details that feel vibrant engaging all important. But are they??? What details are distracting you?

The SeaGoat is so named because this constellation has the wisdom and the stamina to journey deep into the mysteries symbolized by the ocean’s depth and the cliffs’ heights.  The SeaGoat brings both details and the big picture.

Big Picture: the goats remind me to climb high up above all the details to our top mountain sanctuary.

The influence of Capricorn lights up our unique potential and can lift us up to embody more of our it (our full potential.)

This light is like the sunlight that burns through the mist revealing magical landscapes we didn’t know were there!

Ride the waves of sunlight to challenge your ideas of what is possible for your achievement in 2017 or any timeframe you choose but larger then just these two weeks.

Details: If the details are getting you down: harness the assistance of this flock of goats who are chewing up the clover as fast as they can. This is a reminder that we are still with allies

step into our day with a positive attitude and with permission given to your angels and other divine ones who attend us that we invite and allow their help in keeping us focused: discerning which details are priority and the accomplishment of that which must be managed at this time.

How might you infuse obligations with that purity of heart that commits to these goals [the ones beyond and behind the tasks] and therefore walk each step upon the path to them with positivity?

Perhaps the hyper real details in your life are emotions/emotional. Invite these goats to assist you in discernment / prioritizing here as well. Cuz who hasn’t been over-distracted by emotions accidentally and later thought…shoooooot!

I see how the sea goat finds foundation and roots regardless of mountain or sea. I experienced Capricorn’s calm demeanor and stick to it-ness, and I sense Capricorn’s deep sense of non-drama. Instead rolling up one’s sleeves and simply picking up the next task and applying oneself with sincerity of heart and willingness. The purity of action.

Spend some time in [that broad] flexibility:

  • bringing your head up from all the many details that demand your attention to make sure the ship as pointed towards the goal.
  • And also bring your focus down to what it is that you’re doing to spend your hours and days.

In what details are you mired? Are they the ones that are serving your trajectory?

Now more than ever our consumerist and political environment is chattering! Filled with details and things to watch and Absorb and fill you.

Now more than ever our attempts to be effective and not just swamped, to be balanced and not just over-informed or over whelmed – these are our challenges now.

Invite in the steadying force of the Sea goat who can navigate down to the secret cave at the floor of the ocean where mysteries live.

Invite in the calm power of the sea goat who can help you climb carefully securely up to heights you did not think possible of your own embodiment, your own fulfillment of your potential.

Invite in these energies – commune with them, they are real! This is not a conceptual, this is the vitamins that live inside of the daylight and the night. most easily accessed through sunlight and this is even in places where it’s rainy – don’t get stupid. And Capricorn is available year-round : we show our face to every one of the 12 constellations every single day. But it is now while the sun stands before this creature that is easiest for him to give us his gifts.  Open to receive! Aho!