The SaySo with Sally ~ 1st Edition: Take Heart!

Feb 3, 2017 | 5 comments

Now Let’s Get Serious ~

Sh*t is gettin’ REAL very quickly these days, and we’ve all got a plate full of concerns about where this is all heading.  It is important to stay connected to the issues that matter to us & to take actions we are called to take that contribute towards compassion, positivity and healing.

The SaySo with Sally is my contribution towards this; I feel called to try and offer encouragement & attunement that can uplift you and remind you of the full spectrum of expression that’s still going on around us. To feed you beauty from this: our imperfect, challenging, rapidly changing world.

The SaySo with Sally is intended to be a dialogue: there’s a place to comment at the bottom so we can all get involved and you can always reach me directly via email or the Contact page on my website.

I’d love to hear what is luscious and lovely around you and lifting you up! What brings you inspiration in these crazy times?

Friends ~ Take Heart! 
We are in this together &
the World is still a Beautiful Place!

Still need more evidence?

Feast on this: 

Please share below what you think & what is inspiring YOU!

Until next time ~
big love,

& waves…