Full Moon in Capricorn & Cancer ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday February 10th, 2017 @ 5:33 pm MST
Sun’s position:           27 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)
Moon’s position:        27 degrees Cancer (The Crab)

Immediately I experienced the primary polarity between Cancer and Capricorn; the struggle between home and outer life. I was reminded that Full moons are always tricky as they pull us in two directions at once.

Contrasts between these characters:
Right away I feel the powerful critic of Capricorn – for Capricorn, productivity and results hold sway.
And I feel the domestic primping of Cancer, of making a lovely nest, a safe warm place within which to reside.
And the light of Capricorn shining harshly upon the moon – questioning the usefulness of such beautification and comfort.
The moon feels drawn in, pulled in and wants to be comfortable.

It is a walk upon a tight rope to balance what must be done with how it makes us feel.

Their CoCreated Medicine:
I ask for their cocreated medicine and they blend easily and quickly, just from the request.
To me, this indicated that it is US, the humble human being, getting in our own way this cycle.

a few single words given as the medicine between Cancer and Capricorn this cycle:
– Consciously attending our pulsing between the two and pacing ourselves.
– Practicing the meditation form given in the video (and in previous videos): standing ‘between’ the two great constellations and bathing in the stream of energy that flows and blends harmoniously between them all the time.  Step into that stream and commune, without agenda.  These powerful energies can and will transform you over time.

  • For those among us who are driven by our intuition, Capricorn helps us by giving us a clear structure, steps and a map to follow regardless of how we feel.
  • For those of us who are more structured naturally, the moon reminds us why we’re doing all of this anyway [and helps us to fine-tune / avoid huge errors of doing things from a place of major disconnection]

Therefore there is a balance to be struck:
Between our self care and working ourselves to the bone.
Between self indulgence and the small steps needed to take to reach your goals!

Gifts out of their contrast:
This Full Moon is revealing to me the emotional shadow that stands between me and my vision of what I can be, given through the new moon in Capricorn two weeks ago. … [It turns out that my version of what stands in my way…] doesn’t sound so bad when I actually say It out loud. That’s a relief!  I hope this encourages you to keep an eye on yourself, and notice what arises to show you where you are blocking your own brilliance!

Another gift: It is the Cancer Moon, our feelings and our emotions that can validate our Capricorn accomplishments. In other words what’s the point of these goals if they do not satisfy us in our souls? By communing with both the constellations, we expose ourselves to the balancing forces between them. We check in on the relationship between them in our lives. We clarify our service to their expression of inner and outer accomplishment.

Big Question / Truth:
I sit with the Beings, setting before them the truth that these are very intense times for us all in this country and this world, that we are in some serious sh*t.

In response, they remind me of the very expanded reality that to live here on earth as a human being is a intense and powerful process of maturity; of learning, growing and this is the truth from a bigger perspective where the individual stories drop away and we recognize that we are being taught and we are learning for the benefit of the greatest totality.

In essence, that there is a sense to it all; one must drop out pretty far to experience that. Capricorn is an aid to that perspective.
But they acknowledged that close up, and to the moon in Cancer, it might not feel so good.

Advice on coping with that feeling-not-so-good part:
Do not isolate yourself – find accountability partners and friends who are willing to help you stay on track with small stages of progress. like a rock climber, one hand hold after another to scale the impossible wall.
Take heart from others’ support – if looking at the wall makes you feel “that’s impossible” use Capricorn to break it down into small steps and focus there.

Feed yourself literally and figuratively what feels good to you, that which is healthy and serves you.
Extra credit: examine your “normal” patterns of rewarding yourself – do you withhold rewards until the task is done? Are you always raising the bar on yourself? Do you give yourself a treat for things you’ve not accomplished yet?