New Moon in Aquarius ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday February 26th, 2017 @ 7:57 am MST
Sun’s position:           13 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman)
Moon’s position:      13 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman)

An Angel of White emerges from the darkness, shining of moonlight
It is an Angel made of moonlight. The Angel of Aquarius.
My first instinct is to run to this angel and be held comforted and protected.

And I do and I am held.

We say to people “oh you’re an angel” when they do nice things for us.
What do you think of when you think of angels? Reclaim these images from anything that is so exalted it does not include you and your life. Reclaim these beings from anything that is dogma or otherwise separates you from these beloved ones.

When I broaden my focus to understand how this new Moon works for everyone and the fact that it is an eclipse as well again I am reminded of tribe and allies.
We are in this together and we support one another.
The Angelic realms are in action here in Aquarius and they work through us connecting to one another. What I mean is they work through people. They INSPIRE us.

Practicing random acts of kindness is an Angelic action. These are your jobs with the Angels at your back: To attempt to help others, To brighten their day and to uplift.

Open your senses to the world and interact with others–other human beings who maybe you know or maybe you do not yet know but look at them… allow the Angels vision to flow through you and see what the Angels see in other human beings through your own senses.
No action is required but you may feel inspired to act, to give, to gift, to help, to guide, to offer. Or you may simply observe the feeling of seeing others through the eyes of an angel. Let that be enough if it is your authentic feeling.

I leap up into the sky into the WaterHuman, into the Waterbearer, and I see how into my vessel pours ample amount of the Elixir of Evolution which is mine to share out to those that I encounter.
What is the simple understated fluid medicine that is yours offer to others? A smile, kind word, your focus and attention, your willingness to listen without interrupting or offering advice. Etc..

Outer world events continue to be unexpected and even shocking, and we can respond by expanding our definition of what it is to nourish self and others. By reaching out Beyond our previous understandings of feeding ourselves & others.

These world events in the world may push us back into our shell like a snail or a turtle or a sea anemone. We pull back; feeling vulnerable, we pulled back into self-care. Nothing wrong with that. Open out inside yourself to explore what arises, and magnify your acceptance of inner support. Jupiter is retrograde and this is the dark moon, so: amplifying our inner growth, unfurling within, expanding within the embrace of the Angels.

Dropping our fear of what might happen is very important now. (“Do not fear what is not yet here.”) Stillness meditation and being present in the moment, recognizing safety, recognizing well-being in the current moment, releasing any fears of what might happen later, dropping them away. You can pick them up later absolutely but living in this State of vigilant fear is not useful to yourself but certainly not useful to others and we must be thinking of one another in this Aquarian new Moon.

It’s so important now to remember divinity. It is so important now to see through the illusion of the darkness. Through your connections to Divinity you shine like a candlelight lighting the way for others who may be challenged by the darkness. You are a jewel of {emerald} light on the web of life!

Perhaps you are challenged by the darkness – that’s totally okay too. But watch how the moon disappears and is gone for three days every month and then mysteriously and consistently and repetitively returns and grows to fullness without fail. Meditate upon the mystery and truth of the spiral, the circle, the waxing and waning of the luminous blue moon. Share this wisdom with yourself and those within your sphere of influence.

To panic or to give in to your mind’s capacity to build scary images can lead to losing heart – that is the danger. Find help and give help around this theme according to your own capacities and gifts at this time.

This includes the fundamentally important understanding that our attention grows whatever we put it upon. So what do you water and grow with your awareness and your attention? Where do you put your thoughts? Upon what are you focusing?

A visualization it Is to sit surrounded by the angels of Aquarius who shower down upon your crown the elixir of evolution that cascades through you, upon you and around you.

Be nourished and filled. Aquarius is evolutionary energies the grow you forward. And I do feel the quality of ‘aloofness’ that is actually wonderful as it can help us to detach from the emotional and psychological hooks that can keep us tethered to negativity or tethered to processes that are draining instead of enhancing.

Believe that you are supported. Place your attention on the positive or upon that which is working in your life even if things are tough. Handle what needs to be handled and reach out for the help that you need to handle these things.

Aquarius understands tribe and that we are not meant to do this on our own.
We are meant to weave with one another as human beings and to weave with the natural world of animals plants and stones around us and also with those invisible ones who dwell in the adjacent realms – the underworld fairy, Star Beings and other invisible friends and allies.