Let your Freak Flag Fly!

Mar 4, 2017 | 1 comment

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to the SaySo with Sally, my contribution intended to inspire & uplift with What’s Beautiful in our World!

This newsletter is guided by actual events in my life as I make my way around the country finding out for myself:

What’s Beautiful in our World?

For this {2nd edition} of the SaySo, I found 2400 beautiful people gathered around the themes of inclusion, diversity & magic! After four days & five nights with them I left inspired & filled with HOPE for the future (even though, sadly, there is NO poop fairy!!)

What was this amazing gathering, you ask?

PantheaCon in San Jose, California.

A swank hotel full of 2400 pagan and witchy folks, the PantheaCon Conference is in its 23rd year {!} and brought together people of varied magical traditions & paths! Also gender fluidity was honored and many people took the chance to BE who they feel they are to be!  Awesome!

Build strongly in your imagination 4 days & nights of workshops, rituals, speakers, hospitality rooms, temple spaces {& Elevators!} to be explored, investigated, listened to, discerned about, danced within by all of these diverse folks!

Yes, it was that lovely.

My two teachers, RJ Stewart & Anastacia Nutt, invited me to attend to assist in the enactment of the Double Dragon Ritual.  {pinch pinch} Attended by about 250 peeps it was Powerful & Amazing!

RJ & Anastacia also went to some gracious effort to bring Max & Lisa Goodwin to perform the ritual; Max & Lisa have been stewarding the White Spring in Glastonbury England for nine years and bring a depth of service one doesn’t encounter all that often.  It was a privilege to work along side of them, and Jessika too.

So where are more Conference photos?

Wonderfully, PantheaCon has a photo policy that limits taking images of people without their consent.
Privacy is a concern for many and I was delighted to see the awesome side benefit: Not so many Noses inside too many Devices!

How is THAT for freaky?

Trust me when I suggest you click over to this blog post by Lisa ~ she is a fantastic bard {poet} and has written a piece that will uplift your heart!  It is called the United States of Amazing Grace.  Go get it!

What an INSPIRATION to see folks expressing their creativity around the Self; what LIGHT, power and brilliance!

Today I present THIS as what is still so BEAUTIFUL about our world: tolerance & freak flags flourishing in the face of the massive challenges we face, individually & collectively.

Go Team Freak Flag!

{and moss… never forget the beautiful moss!}

And so I gotta’ ask you…

What is YOUR contribution to the Forest of Flags flying?

What lives in YOU that is bright, odd, unusual, out of the box, special & a bit edgy?!

I’m here to remind you today that the FREAKY parts of you can be delightful.  Can be useful.  Can be inspiring to others. Can be the vital piece in your peace! Where are you holding back where instead you could be contributing to Joy & Beauty?!

My friends, get out here and Get Freaky!


Enjoy these images of Beauty in your World, friends!  Be Encouraged & Let your Flag Fly!

Comment below & share your own Freak Flag stories!

Until next time ~
big love,