Full Moon in Aquarius & Leo ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday March 12th, 2017 @ 8:54 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           27 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman)
Moon’s position:        27 degrees Leo (The Lion)

I step through the threshold into my place of consciousness with a little crown upon my head.

Immediately I am met by a Lion, the constellation; he is quite large. He is very beautiful and sweet. This Moon is at the tip of his tail and it is like a kitten playing with a light. And then I see him stretched out, eyes closed in a nap but head raised. And his tail flicks idly in the Sunlight. He is peaceful, resting and prepared.

I travel over to Aquarius where the Sun shines. A different story! I feel a sense of urgency from Aquarius; the Angelic ones, our elder brothers and sisters here desire that we grow by drinking in their influence.

The Angels recognize that we’re moving into the creative portion of the year in the northern hemisphere within the cycles of nature. In other words Spring equinox is March 20th (half moon) – we are moving forward into the growth, creative time of the year. And the Angels desire nothing more that we approach our creativity with our best self. Our highest self, in other words.

Human are very powerful impactful beings! So Aquarius is asking us to release our petty nature. And to do what we must to align ourselves to something cleaner, purer, more upright. We know what they’re talking about: the part of ourselves that is kind and elevated and disallows bad behavior from ourselves. Because these aspects of ourselves that are shady or motivated by selfishness or greed or indulgence perhaps even if they’re personal, and maybe not exactly seen by others become part of the foundation for this next cycle of growth.

But the Lion, the luscious Lion assists us in not using this medicine too harshly. He helps us to not annihilate our personality and to not be too stringent or too harsh upon our very human and imperfect selves. His voice is one that says even any small steps in this direction are positive.

As the weather warms so too are we warming into the projects, dreams and hopes for 2017. Remind yourself of what it is you hope to grow this year in the garden of your life to harvest later this year or into the future.

One way that folks will work with the Moon’s cycles is to consider the New Moon (two weeks ago) the “seed” or the planting of a question and then the Full Moon is the “result” of that seed or the “answer to our question.” Now, I don’t quite abide by this method because I’ve just not be asked to do so all that often by the Star Beings, and this is their show.

Having said that, I do believe we should strive to weave these celestial events together – note how at the New Moon two weeks ago we were encouraged to be fortified by the medicine given to us by Aquarius; we were being given the elixir of evolution directly and consciously. If we consider this as the seed of this cycle now that we’ve come to full Moon we can see how well the medicine has taken, how well we’ve integrated it and being bright as I spoke of in the last video.
And if you don’t like what you are seeing, don’t worry: you can continue to allow the elixir of evolution to pour down upon you. Even if you LOVE what you are seeing, continue to allow the elixir of evolution to pour down upon you!

And the Star Beings up’d the medicine by adding that if you have favorite guides or inner contacts that you work with you’re certainly welcome to invite them into this process and let them pour this down upon you. The Angelic ones have no grasping around this, they’re not interested in fame or glory and by having your guides participate, the process is even more strengthened & powerful.

When I checked back in with the Lion, I kept seeing his tail somehow indicating the adage of “know thyself.” In the sense of not expecting yourself to be different than you are. He is seated napping in the sunlight and is not running around trying to be perfect or be someone else. Instead he is solid within his own true nature. He is doing what is his nature – basking in the light of the Sun. But he is also alert and ready to go – his tail indicates that. Anyone who has every lived with a cat knows what I’m talking about!

We must do this: to be ourselves but find the best within that.
Perhaps it would help you to sit down and write a list, a physical list of your talents and look at that. (edgy I know!)
And then make the same list of your shadow just to explore who you are.

To be crystal clear, this is never about eliminating or cutting out shadow. Instead it is about acknowledging these less than ideal places but acting out of our best.

Perhaps coming from your higher self might mean resting in the Sunlight, like the Lion. It might mean being much more nurturing towards yourself. So be clear this isn’t about being more or being something/someone else.
It’s about making space and setting conditions appropriately so that that which is beautiful within you can emerge to be the proper foundation for your life at this time.

Coming from our higher self now will have a positive influence upon our creations this year.
How could it not?

In contrast to the Laid back Lion, The Angels of Aquarius feel like stern teachers right now to me. They are urgent and anxious that we receive what they have to give because it will assist us.  Within the social political environment now, so many of us are outraged and upset, as we are directly impacted by the negative and low moral choices of our government.
Let the Angels of Aquarius offer you the antidote to you responding on that same negative and low moral level.

While I was working with the Star Beings, a lot of old-fashioned expressions came to mind. I believe this is so because of the nature of Angels: they tend to work through other human beings and these sort of expressions are exactly their style.
“If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.
Put your best face forward.
Practice senseless acts of beauty & random acts of kindness.”

Dig into your favorite old-fashioned cliché – underneath the Pollyanna cheerfulness for these expressions something true lives: The Truth of Aquarius, the WaterHuman, the WaterBearer, the Beings who want us to uplift ourselves and be the best we can be.
Especially now, as we gear up to CREATE.
Let us each Create that which harms none!

With deep reverence and respect, with gratitude and mystery: amen, aho!