New Moon in Pisces ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Monday March 27th, 2017 @ 8:54 pm MDT
Sun’s position:          13 degrees Pisces (The Fishes)
Moon’s position:       13 degrees Pisces (The Fishes)

The symbol of Pisces is of two fishes; one swimming downward the other swimming up. This is to emphasize the dual nature of the sacred human being who:

* on the one hand must attend to the practical nature of the body with its needs for physical conditions
* on the other hand, remembers his stellar origins and the higher realms towards which he climbs

* the practical nature of the body has needs / physical conditions to keep it in shape well enough to be a suitable container or chalice for the soul of each being. The comfort, decoration and fine-tuning of this health and comfort is infinite and can absorb the fishes attention fully. For many this is enough work for one lifetime. To be a householder as they say in the eastern traditions may appear humble but holds within it many important skills and teaching. We must not disregard this aspect of our incarnation

* The other fish swimming upwards remembering his stellar origins. This aspect of the human being marvels at the leaps of intelligence, Creativity and innovation created by the human being. And in a smaller percentage of cases, [for many of us?] this aspect of us understand and cultivates relationships with higher realms as our birthright. This fish is like the salmon fish swims upstream intensely and intuitively going against the grain to seed something larger then his own individual incarnation.

These are the two energies we work to synthesize as a human being, always. And with the New Moon here, it is highlighted for us. And then we ADD IN the specifics of THIS New Moon environment, which is to say:

** When I step forward into my place of consciousness I’m dressed in a shimmery costume that makes me look like I am wearing the shiny scales of the fish. I am struck by the mobility and the energy – reminds me of snake medicine that we have so much latitude and ability to shape shift, so many choices open to us as the sacred human being.

I can feel the sun and moon in pisces. It feels a bit painful to me and also… compromised somehow, a time of vulnerability perhaps. Like the snake sheds its skin to grow, she goes through a period of vulnerability – she is not safe because she is without skin, without her protective coating. … At its best this feels that it could be a purification and cleansing as we release the old skin and prepare to grow new.

There are our two main messages:
we are shape shifters, we are malleable, we have more choices than we might think
The human being has a great deal of flexibility and changeability more than most take advantage of during their lifetime. Instead much energy is used to define oneself, One’s image around ones’ solidity which is not necessarily a bad thing, but should not be taken to its extreme of “always.” We don’t want to stifle our flexibility.

we are vulnerable in our transition into spring. we must pay attention as we pass thru the eye of the needle!
This feels like a Time to hold steady and pay attention lining things up so that they line up!
We are soon to leap from Pisces into Aries. It is a magical time when we seem to go downwards into the end of the spiral and then we somehow emerge up above.
It is like an Esher drawing called impossibilities and improbabilities that are somehow still true. The Esher drawings play with perception. And we are truly in an age where the Impossible has been made manifest and things that we cannot understand with our rational minds – sits before us in black-and-white, in newspapers and then law.
At this time of This new Moon we sit within a very potent darkness similar to the void out of which all things come. Prime Potential – In the multitude of paths therein what will we choose? What needle are we threading? What projects are we initiating? We are both vulnerable and wide-open. Full of potential yet wise to be mindful of protection, encasement, and boundaries

My consciousness keeps coming back to malleability and choice. Understanding latitude Choice that you embody despite very hard facts of “reality”, we can explore our own ability to shift shape.

Within the realm of Pisces intuitive arts are an excellent way to dive in for more personal specifics.
Pick a card from your favorite deck each day or for the moon.
Pay attention to your dreams.
Seed a dream by asking a question night and being still as you awaken to see what remnants of the dreaming inform the answer. This is often best worked three nights in a row to show your commitment and persistence; We do not always break into the vaults of wisdom on a whim.
Warning, shameless self promotion 😉 I am also offering a 20% discount on my readings at this time so perhaps Spring overview is in the cards for you!!

So let us turn our vision out – look as the initiate would want us to do, into the world and world events and how this new moon might Play into that for inspire us etc..
Again I sense the vulnerability of this time and how the dark desires and ugly motivation fantasies may gain weight and be acted upon by individuals. Perhaps they have power perhaps they do not and so their creations [will] correspondence to that.
As activists, seek to flow around these shadows continuing to flow towards the taproot as you identify it. In other words do not waste your resources on the tips of this plant but dig down into its causes if you choose to root it out.
Subtle medicine can be heightened at this time: prayers and drawing up positive energy within which you are in relationship and sharing that out into the world unconditionally to support the positive and to support those who work the front lines and who may indeed be in danger of confronting the shadow forces.

When I asked for any last advice:
the mothers say be careful,
the forest says come to nature for healing,
the witches say take refuge in the teachings.
The [dark] moon says be quiet.