New Moon in Aries ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Wednesday April 26th, 2017 @ 6:16 am MDT
Sun’s position:           11 degrees Aries (The Ram)
Moon’s position:        11 degrees Aries (The Ram)

For those of you who have watched the Video and would like the RJ Stewart Book info reference: visit and check out these titles:“Power within the Land”, “Earth Light”

Video Notes:

I came into this work and was struck once again with my anxiety stories that I run. They are familiar and so with my will force, my desire to choose something different, and the fact that I’m beholden to YOU, my viewers, I simply DECIDE to trust – trust myself, trust my training and trust my connection to divinity – and it all opened out… into this:
I find myself dropping down deep beneath the earth. For those of you who have been in a Kiva, an earth chamber you’ll be familiar with this… but this is much deeper, quieter and darker.

And I sit with the Star Grandmother who strikes a match and lights a candle.
She says, “This New Moon in Aries comes to you from very far away. We begin a new cycle karmically. Planetarily.”

I see an image of this new Moon like a slingshot or a vacuum where we are pulling back into the darkness to sort through our seeds based upon the last few weeks of chaos tumult and transformation…

This new Moon is a clean slate, A new beginning. And we go deep beneath the earth with this grandmother to get to the core Center of our being, beyond the petty concerns of our personality and instead to connect to something deep in the heavens that is ours individually and collectively.

The Grandmother is going to guide us in some work in a moment, but let me say a few more things about this cycle and the purpose of the work she has for us before we drop into that with her…

A Few Other Things:
We are in Aries – the Ram, the beginning, the spark of origination… I see the sparks of reactivity, of impulsive behavior and the shadow side that Aries can bring and may arise during this period.

And simultaneously I feel those of us who are deeply anchored beyond our own personality with our roots sunk deep into the foundation of our earth and I experience the steadying affect that this has upon our planet and those of us upon it. The “antidote” to the shadow.

This two-week period of the new moon is an opportunity to be non-reactive, rooted, unshakable in your convictions and by this we mean moral convictions. Or perhaps cosmological convictions. By retreating deep into the earth with this grandmother we’re able to touch the stellar influences because of the mirror image of the higher realms in the underworld. [RJ Stewart Book Reference for the technical info on this: “Power within the Land”, “Earth Light” Visit ] By journeying down into the cave with this grandmother [and all the grandmothers] we hold a certain solidity and union with stellar forces that increases their ability to seed the planet in the direction of our positive unfoldment. Having said that we don’t do this with an agenda but merely to anchor a portal for these larger forces that I trust and invite you to trust: the Star Beings.

We are affirming and shoring up the tether that weaves us to this planet.
This is in preparation for this whole year of expansion; our external growth.
In this way, not only are we protected but immediately something of our Evolution is fed down into the star that lives at the center of our planet and this is good for her


Meditation Map: (guided in the video at 6:30 long. Begins at 4:00 in the video)
Sit in sacred space & Orient to the directions
Find yourself with me beneath the earth, deep in this earth cave…
The grandmother blows forward the light and we sit in deep darkness.
Drop the deepest root you can find from your heart, from your being, down into the earth, rooted in the star beneath your feet
From this deep place, allow the light that shines from the earth beneath you and up into your heart
Find yourself in the company of our [spiritual] ancestors – human beings who did the sacred work that you are doing now in 2017. [weaving with stellar forces]
Be aware of the earth light in your body, at the level of your heart …allow this light to continue to rise up to your crown and form a container upon your head – a light vase or vessel and feel this vessel reach into the sky into the stars into deep space like a flower being pollinated from the winds of Space.

This is a portal, an opening into the new cycle and we serve as vessels for the great changes and evolutionary arcs of humanity in and upon this planet. [sit here in silence for some time, if you choose]

Gently reverse the process, witness your flower, your expansion into the stars gently folding in upon itself, dive back down through the heavens and the sky and back down upon your crown deep in the cave with the grandmothers
And pour the contents of your vessel upon the ground of the cave. Witness the light, the pollination seep down into the cracks and vanish into the earth and the earth light thrums and pulses in receptivity.
Sit in stillness, this Silence for as long as you choose, knowing you can return here at anytime to meditate and serve with the star grandmothers & ancestors here.

The Grandmother once again kindles a light in the darkness and quietly find yourself in circle with me, and other folks… find the root connection to earth beneath you and draw that back up into your body and heart.
Find the directions around you and return to your outer waking awareness.
End of Meditation Map

In these two weeks as the world grows busy or even frantic around you, tap into your deep cord woven to the center of the earth. Be solid in the face of chaos. Grow downward before out and use this as a metaphor for all your projects and impulses that you intend to have sustain you come next winter.

The Star Beings earnestly request your help: please take snippets of time to move beyond your own personality and instead serve as a “pollination point” into the planet at this critical time, this conception point on the spiral through the zodiac surrounding our earth in space. Aho!