Full Moon in Aries & Libra ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Wednesday May 10th, 2017 @ 3:42 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           25 degrees Aries (The Ram)
Moon’s position:        25 degrees Libra (The Scales)

I step into my place of consciousness landing here in the moonlight. It is dark in the shadows as the huge bright moon shines down through the trees. A tall white crane comes forward. I am aware of his long wing fingers and his broad wing span and his very long yellow legs. I fly up into the heavens with him and we arrive into the constellation of Libra where I am aware of the weight of the feather. A very small measure but it indication of the delicacy of balance, the delicacy of influence and how small things can have a larger impact than we realize.

When I hold the microphone to Aries I hear a primal howl from the depths of the void and I feel how all possibilities stream forward, invisible potential towards me.
We are at the beginning of the zodiac within the realm of new beginnings and primal forces. These energies reside within the sunlight and we can imagine them at our back at night. Indeed, it seems that the forces of Aries in the daylight are almost invisible and it is the full moonlight that reflects back and allows us to see what would otherwise be invisible. In other words, rather than looking at the energies directly in the sunlight we gaze at them as moonlight and this stepping down of the forces can show us what is actually manifesting.

We are at a crossroads between ideas and creativity, partnership or being on our own, between believing the negative stories we tell ourselves or creating new patterns in our lives.

Obvious to us all is the unpredictability of the larger world we’re living in and it shows no indication of lightening up. Yet here we stand more than halfway through the constellation of potential and becoming. We are conduits through which the star beings’ information and energy and intentions from deep space [arrive and travel] down into the earth in the cosmic interplay of evolutionary and evolutionary forces.

What I’m seeing is how Libra and the moonlight are subtle and powerful by not directly challenging Aries energy but instead complementing it.
Libra is the first constellation that is the partner and meets the overwhelmingly direct and fierce energy of Ares with partnership, loyalty and dynamic agility.
Perhaps here what is coming is – the dedication and devotion that can only come from each of our hearts: to promise to strengthen the ability to work with others no matter how aries-like they are. [felt the disgust in my own being, as all the horrible indecent aspects of this leadership now and how hard the words I’m speaking actually are to DO, rather than just SAY! which brought me to:] To find common ground if only in the most Basic of ways: being a human being who seeks belonging, comfort and safety, sustenance and shelter.

This is a moon cycle of softness, compromise and exploration of the shadow side of so much permission, free will and demanding self-centeredness. [think about how we got here – ideas of entitlement, deserving things, to insist upon our own opinion, to insist upon being able to express ourselves, to DO exactly what we want all the time. The pleasure and indulgence of this, in subtle balance!]

I see sculptures in hard marble that imitate perfectly the fall of drapery, cloth, of flesh, the soft things being sketched in marble. This is one expression of Aries and Libra together.
I propose a game for these two weeks where you might even choose to keep score for yourself on a daily basis. Count how many times you speak in divisive ways that separates you from others including the powerful people at the helm of our country.

This energy is less about being conciliatory [as in being sappy, and just putting up with Anything] and more about letting the energy move past you like some sort of ninja move. [in other words, clear discernment is still possible] And the Libra full moon creates a container and a place for the invisible to take form.

I see how Libra is a constellation that is like Cancer in terms of harmony. As I join with the white crane to fly over the waters I see the delicate interplay and balance between all beings in nature. I see the partnerships between predator and prey, water and land, different kinds of plants etc.. And Libra is showing something about how this ability to be separate but work together allows organisms to grow bigger and to cover more ground. [the crane’s finger feathers]
In 2017 there is no lack a variety, an abundance pouring forth from the portal, from the Godhead, from the primal force that is Aries. We do not lack in fresh ideas, new impulses, more information etc. The work is sorting through them quickly / instinctually to partner with the right impulses.

Allow the light of the Moon to inspire you into softness, consideration of another’s perspective, moving in the shadows, not seeking glory or leadership but something more powerful: collaboration, wholeness, collective survival!
I think this is an opportunity to see our own [internal] places of being too bossy, too individualized. To see where we’re living in a glass house and throwing stones at others. To see hypocrisy in ourselves not to shame or beat up ourselves but to grow our compassion for others.