Full Moon in Taurus & Scorpio

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The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday June 9th, 2017 @ 7:09 am MDT
Sun’s position:           24 degrees Taurus (The Bull)
Moon’s position:        24 degrees Scorpio (The Scorpion)

The information that I wanted to explain takes us back into the patterns of Pluto and Uranus.
I would like to show their movement through the constellations over the last 50 years. I would like to show the conjunctions of the 60s and now this first Square that moved through our lives and revive those dates 2010, 2012 up to 2015 and including 2017.
This Pluto Uranus context helps us to understand where we are today.
Because the chaos or disorganization or this disoriented environment of our world is simply the next stage after such a purification and tearing down of this last period of Pluto and Uranus. Pluto has dug into the sub flooring, has burrowed through the layers of the onion and has opened all the closets to find the stinky skeletons in the back.
Uranus has torn from us things that we valued and yet we must go on without them; this is for our evolution despite being uncomfortable at times.

All of this context is relevant now because of the teachings of Taurus – a constellation that we are working with now and have been working with for the last two weeks and will continue to work with for a little longer but not much longer.
Taurus understands the medicine of agreement fields that bring form into shape to hold forces.
(We went over this quite a bit in the new Moon two weeks ago so watch that again if you’d like a refresher.)
Now we’re at the fullness and the Moon has moved on and is across from the Sun receiving the full Taurus light while the Moon sits in the scorpion, Scorpio. The context of the last 5 to 7, or even 10 years are highlighted in this Full Moon because it is Taurus that brings life and Scorpio that releases into death. This Full Moon that we experience every year is another layer of choosing what to build and what to let fall away.

What we are seeing is the rebuilding after such a global cleansing and many aggressive, unscrupulous, low minded individuals who are driven by basic values of greed, separation and self-interest are working hard to build the forms that they want because the ground has been cleared by the astrological impact of Uranus and Pluto. Like a natural disaster that wipes a land clean, through a storm or flooding, then comes the rebuilding stage where people go back in and they’ll put things up differently: refreshed, new with a new vision. That is where we are not only in the annual cycle but in a slightly larger cycle of Uranus to Pluto which I would talk about that as:

The Pluto Uranus cycle: 111-143 years, depending on Pluto’s orbit.
Pluto Uranus conjunct 1963-68, peak: 65-66.
Pluto Uranus square 2009-2016, peak: 2012-15.
They bring pressure to evolve beyond the confines of our ego or risk personal devastation!
Uranus: visionary unorthodoxy. independence.
Pluto: deeper, darker, unresolved issues of power, control, death.
Rebirth, Liberation awaits!
Their conjunction: sense of painful truths in the status quo, power structures. revolt! progressive liberating alternatives instead.
Their square: bold moves reveal underlying problems to be faced. releasing bad/harmful patterns. facing wounds leading to breakthroughs. relieve chronic stress.

So you are, we are, each at a crossroads with a blank canvas in front of us, or a blank landscape in front of us – the metaphor is yours to find. But now we choose how to populate our world and the scale is up to you: working personally, locally, or globally.

And I want to speak to the Moon in Scorpio. This may be shadow territory because shadow can be sad and uncomfortable, it can be challenging. Use the light of life-giving forces that stream from Taurus to look at the negativity and poison of your own thoughts, feelings and habits. What judgment and negativity are you feeding about yourself and others? Even if others are behaving badly what service is your judgment of that? Are your actions of defiance and resistance truly life-giving or are they toxic to you and the process?

This can be tricky territory obviously. It is natural to respond to the hatred, stupidity and shortsighted thinking and actions by those with great power with heavy emotion.
Sit within the embrace of Taurus and Scorpio: sit within the lemniscate of their sacred union for do not mistake that these great Zodiacal beings have not found [the best?] in very high vibration of their union. The union of life and death. The union of form coming into being and form dissolving away.

When I open to the Bull I am met by a reminder of the inexhaustible lifestream that comes from the heavens, that is larger than any race of people, any individual. I see how we have been coerced to believe that as rational human beings we must pay attention to the news, we must know what’s going on in the world but this… This is something that is also going on in the world and you can choose to attune to this massive, inexhaustible life force just as much as you can choose to watch the news. So do! Do both. When I tap into Scorpio I feel the quality of adventure and liberation. I hear Scorpio exhorting us to redeem death and to simply put our fears to the side and play at the threshold of The next mystery. Return to the resonance of the partnership between the bull and the scorpion again and again. they will fortify you to face your life alive and awake … aho!

Extra Credit video: Review the major portions and events of your life from 2012 to 2015 or go further afield of 2010 to the present moment. Mark the losses and the letting go but Mark also the places of liberation, freedom; where you were able to step out of constraining and limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. Notice where new life, inspiration and pathways have flooded into your life in these time periods. Do this exercise to show yourself what the opportunity of this Full Moon can be. Consciously choose and dig in to what you choose to create now. The landscape is like the freshly plowed field of Rich Earth awaiting the seeds of your intention, the sweat of your brow and your efforts to co-create the chalice of your creations into which life force can be infused from the Cosmos. Yes I’m talking about “manifesting” things.

Meditation Video: Thinking globally, you can serve with a meditation that will help you if you’re struggling with the seemingly endless negative act upon the planet now. This will make you feel better and serves the planet. You will sit in sacred space and root down from the heart into the planet taking as much time as you need to become firmly rooted. [Then] drawing up Life: life-giving force that flows from the planet into you through this root. From the level of your heart, connect into the web of life that is the blades of grass around your home, the trees, the animals and insects. And keep going and feel how your natural environment transitions and weaves into the next one, be it your neighbor’s yard or the city within which you live. [Sense, connect into] how the threads of life move until you can feel the vast connected web that surrounds the entire globe, that is of the entire globe. Commune here for his long as you choose. Your attention upon this web nourishes it and nourishes you as a part of that web. When you’re ready simply draw back your awareness to your heart allowing the light Energy of the earth to settle back down that root into the earth… releasing your connection coming back to an awareness of the directions and the sacred space within which you sit.