New Moon in {Sidereal} Cancer ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday July 23rd, 2017 @ 3:45 am MDT
Sun’s position:           6 degrees Cancer (The Crab)
Moon’s position:        6 degrees Cancer (The Crab)
BONUS: Mars:            7 degrees Cancer (The Crab)
Uranus:        4 degrees Aries (The Ram)

For this New Moon, we have Sun and Moon in Cancer – a New Moon and Cancer go together very nicely, naturally match in vibe. And they are conjunct Mars which seems to point an opposite direction. And they are square to Uranus in the early degrees of Aries. With this moon conjunct Mars and square to Uranus, I would imagine that we are still rankling under any perceived limitations or boundaries that we ourselves have not created.

We began a cycle of growth, as always, with the beginning of the Zodiac: Aries, back in April. We’ve moved thru Aries, then Taurus, then Gemini – who brought us twins going in opposite directions, separation, multiplication held together thru enduring love to create the vessel of through point, column, pathway and bridge…
Now we enter Cancer: we now circle the wagons, bring our symmetry full circle to create a container. To advance upon the vessel already created in Gemini now we create a bubble.
Where Gemini is a tube now Cancer in-swirls upon itself creating a bubble, sphere, sanctuary.

When I ask what the Star Beings want shared for this New Moon I see an image of what I think every person wants at this time or certainly at least myself which is a pulling in to one’s individual space.

When I went deeper, following their lead, I discovered something fascinating! For the first time since we have entered Aries, the Central Flame of Being in each of us is held within an enclosure, a circle or sphere – giving us an opportunity to feel and learn about the Flame of Being that dwells within each of us.  We are invited this cycle to come into stillness, find oneself within a sphere of the directions and then even more deeply simply a sphere of sacred space, the container of your own being and to imagine before you a single Flame. This Flame is the Flame of Being within yourself. It is a sacred Flame that burns not of terrestrial fire but of higher and more rarified manner like the primal Flames that burn in the inner court of RJ Stewart’s Inner Temple’s work. (see

And I have a sense as I sit with this Flame that while it burns within me and is my Flame of Being, it is not mine in an ownership way. It is not mine.

And in these difficult times when everything is a struggle, when so many terrible things are happening that seem to be far beyond my control, our control – this sacred flame is the thing of Divinity that is closest to me as a human being. As such it is to be honored, admired, protected, and fed. This is a higher calling than self-care or taking care of myself: my needs, my goals, etc. Just like our children, this flame demands our devotion and protection but we do not control it or own it. It is something sacred given to us this lifetime and within the realm of Cancer we can choose to rededicate ourselves within the sanctuary of a New Moon in Cancer.

With Mars involved, we can be courageous and ambitious in this rededication to the sacred Flame of Being but dwells within us. No doubt this will require listening so that we might learn what this flame needs now. A first hint is to understand it’s important beyond your own life, beyond your accomplishments or success. Beyond your biography.

As we come to know this Flame I see an image of our inner space being hollowed out and hallowed, made holy. Certainly with Mars here there is a quality of fire and purification, of sacrifice and power.

To simply find communion with this flame is a great start and a meditation that I would recommend is:
Be still. Come into sacred space. Imagine oneself into a small sanctuary within which a flame burns in the center. This could be a small cottage in the woods, this could be an earthen chamber beneath the earth, this could be any enclosed safe space that is small / human sized within which this flame burns. Once you have built this image strongly, simply commune with this flame – by which is meant sitting in stillness by this flame and opening energetically to it.

Using a real candle in front of you can be very powerful and useful for this meditation and you may choose to find a brand-new candle and consecrate it to this work [by using it for this and only this] and use this candle for the rest of the solar year as instructed by the Star Beings as we go along. Having a physical candle in front of you can deeply strengthen your ability to visualize this divine Flame of Being within you.

So perhaps you see where this is going; by doing this work you end up coming into direct experience of your own divinity – of the divine nature that is, well that IS! This work can and should call you up into a higher expression of yourself because you have found out not intellectually but experientially that you are a vessel for something precious, something divine.

It’s like discovering you have highly honored Elder living within you who has been waiting for you to say hello and offer him or her cup of tea and refreshments for years! Be a gracious hostess to the divinity that lives within you, making time to socialize with it, to attend it, to feed it, to listen.

The metaphors just keep on coming. For example, why bother eating three times the day if the food just comes out the other end? This is a silly question of course because we know that by eating the food we survive and without it we cannot live. Consumption/Communion with our Flame is similar. By which I mean you can do this every day several times a day for about the amount time it would take you to eat a small meal. Start there.

Another metaphor: to sit with this Flame of being is to discover you have a sacred site, holy altar, a remarkable place of worship, a church, a temple within your own body. And upon the high altar is the flame of being worthy of devotion and reverence. Right inside your own body! This New Moon cycle make a pilgrimage to the sacred site within you!

Having had the moon conjunct Pluto recently and the natural affinities of Cancer [deep within, cave, home etc.], this can be a cycle within which we go down the personal rabbit holes: depression, self criticism, etc. In these deeply frightening times, these uncertain times, it is very easy to deny one’s own worth and the worth of one’s work in the world. These are natural feelings and to be expected but rather than running around on the outside to attempt to shore up personal validation, all you need to do is go inside to this tiny sanctuary, surrounded on all sides within this sphere, seated before this Flame of Being you did not create and that you did not earn; it is a gift to you. This Flame is of the Divine Flame of being – infinite and mysterious! To know this Flame is Worthy, to commune with this Flame has worth Beyond your or my individual lives.

As practitioners of healing arts, priests and priestesses, and humble human beings we sit with this divine Flame of Being inside the self to transform difficult thoughts & feelings into something more nutritious for yourself, those around you, the world and the Cosmos.

And you don’t need to take my word for it. You can test this your self: the next time you are experiencing any of the reactivity I have named instead of following those thoughts forms: stop. be still. sit down. build sacred space, build sanctuary, kindle a physical light in front of you and commune with the celestial Flame of being within you. Then you will know for yourself if this has value or not.