Total Solar Eclipse ~ New Moon in {Sidereal} Leo ~

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Monday August 21st, 2017 @ 11:46 am MDT
Sun’s position:           4 degrees Leo (The Lion)
Moon’s position:        4 degrees Leo (The Lion)

This New Moon is much anticipated by many as it is a total solar eclipse visible in the United States. We have not been able to see one here since 1918.

The Sun and Moon stand RIGHT IN FRONT of Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.  Well, ok… Regulus is at 5 degrees and they are at 4, but that’s plenty close for connection to this very important and powerful Star!  Here in the eclipse shade with my Star Guide, the sky above us is filled with a massive Lion. We are protected and enclosed by his Sacred Heart – a heart that beats with devotion to the human experiment.

During the eclipse which is quarter to noon in mountain time, we do best to join our hearts with the sacred Lion and to love ourselves as we have prepared ourselves to do during the Cancer cycle, and to love our fellow humanity. We are curious creatures driven by great passions well known by the Lion.


In this New Moon, we surrender into a cosmic heart that can love and forgive and understand far beyond our limited capacities and during this eclipse and this two week cycle we do our best to live up to, to emulate, to imitate what Rudolf Steiner referred to as Christ consciousness. It is a holy benevolent energy like a knight in shining armor, King Arthur, Aslan the Lion, an elder, merciful, generous, powerful, masculine protector and benefactor.  We benefit from his patronage and we try to be a through point for his benevolence into the world.

An eclipse is an opportunity to step up into solar consciousness. Literally the Sun, our source of life both physically and metaphysically is obscured for 2 1/2 minutes only. Such a short time, but what a challenge to “replace” it, to do what it does in its absence! And while much of the attention put upon this eclipse is visual, is spectacle, I invite you into the deeper opportunity that’s hints at what awaits us in our cosmic evolution: being as the Sun! By which is meant being a through point for even larger forces that brings through and give to you so that you might give it to others – Life giving forces. To imagine what these can be we simply need To think about how we treat very small children. We encourage them and guide them. We protect them but also let them figure things out for themselves. We celebrate their successes and we try to soften the hardships.

So during that three minutes of the eclipse be a Radiant Sun that shines the heart of love, the heart of the Lion, the heart of the zodiac out to this planet in forgiveness and context.  You’ve got the powerful support of Regulus, who is of course one of the four watchers, so the other beings of the zodiac are wrapped up in this: the life and death stars of Scorpio & Taurus and the Angelic forces of Aquarius feeding us the Elixir of Evolution.

But here’s the Really Big News:  within this cycle we rest and we give away to the Lion our burdens of trauma, past hurt and suffering that either have happened to us or then we have perpetrated upon others. In other words we are forgiven. Even if we cannot forgive ourselves and we insist on holding onto our regrets and our self recriminations, we are forgiven by the Lion. He sees our mistakes, missteps and the gross errors in the context a much larger infinity. And they are simply the traction as we climb.

It’s worth noting that my Star Guide relaxes in the shade with a small hand fan leaning back on a chaise lounge. This is to emphasize but it doesn’t have to be so much effort.

I choose to ask the Lion a few questions and he comes down out of the sky and approaches. He is a huge Lion and a bit more intimidating then when he’s in the sky because he is my… well not my size but my scale now. And I am asking him something about the drama that is coming down upon us all now in this country more and his response back is something of surprise – that we know we are going to die and we know that this life is limited so he has trouble relating to our attachment. But he goes through a cycle that shows me it is the density of the flesh that experiences the pain and that our souls are everlasting and this work is about that level of our being.