Eclipse Recap: What the Heck is Going ON?!?

Events of Major Significance are flying past, one after the other… after another!

Do you realize that the Total Solar Eclipse was just 5 weeks ago?

It seems only yesterday ~ and yet an age past too!

We seem to fly through these gateways, as events of major significance appear one after another… after another.  With little time to catch our breath, we easily forget the deep and SIMPLE magic at hand.

To such end, I’ve made this super short video [2:44] of the major points I felt reverberating still from August 7th & 21st. The wisdom given is to be embodied, not just left behind as we rush forward in our lives… always rushing, rushing … to where exactly?

I hope you enjoy this nourishing recap & I’d love to hear how you feel most supported! 


Watch the Full Versions of the Videos by Clicking Below