Stretching our Equilibrium ~ Full Moon in {Sidereal} Libra & Aries

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday November 3rd, 2017 @ 11:23 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           17 degrees Libra (The Scales)
Moon’s position:        17 degrees Aries (The Ram)

As soon as I connect with my Star Guides, we head up into the heavens and I see the earth in entirety.  I become very tender and aware of the tenuous balance that we hold now. I feel the vulnerability of all of our systems, particularly the weather patterns. And I feel the tension between Libra and Aries –  because the Ram wants what it wants, when it wants it and how it wants it too! Often with no consideration for the whole.

And I feel Libra’s reach, left and right – expanding to try to hold the extremes of what is being created. I ask the Stars, what do we do as individuals here upon earth? They answer: during this Full Moon we stretch to allow more extremes into our bandwidth of balance. This means we monitor ourselves for our thinking and speaking and actions to become aware of where we are brittle and contracting around our own opinions. We work to realize that from the Stars’ perspective there are no rights or wrongs – there are simply things being added to each side of the Scales! Things are sorted into left and right.

So where can you rebalance the scales?  What weight are you adding to the negativity that you need not add? Where can you be more relaxed and compassionate and forgiving? Ask your Guardian Angel and your other forms of guidance for ways to find more space.

And this the Star Beings tell you: this is all towards the gain of you broadening your center pole, making it thicker, broader, stronger, more resilient to the waves of energy that are coming more quickly now. In this way, you will have more bend in that center pole when something heavy lands on one side or the other of your scales of right and wrong. Because make no mistake: We need you to be in your center!

There is something else that is perhaps unpopular to speak of: there are things planetary, politically and socially that we cannot impact or change. This is very unpopular thinking in this time of modern thought / we create our own reality etc. But it is true and so where in your emotional activity are you wasting precious life force lamenting and aching over that you cannot change?

Consider this image the Star Beings showed me:  a baby throwing a tantrum, yelling for what it wants.  This tantrum will not make a difference. Instead the baby (which is each of us human beings here on earth!) focuses upon what is truly in her grasp and in her realm of influence and she works there. This may mean energetic prayer or physical labor and all points in between. But to find your emotional center and clarity is helpful to the stars.

If you have no idea on what work to do at this time, the Star Beings suggest you remember that you are a point of light upon the web of life. And you can simply strengthen the web by radiating connectivity, love and positivity out from your body to sacred sites upon the earth that you are connected to, either through having been there or you have a sacred connection to in another way.  Also to those who are your friends or people you admire. Or straight down into the heart of this beloved planet and up into the stars.

Be calm, find stillness; this has an impact.

On the most basic of levels, we are playing with the polarity between self and other, between me mine mine and compromise. Pay attention to these themes in this two-week period and be gentle with yourself and others. Aho!