Galactic Goodies! New Moon in {Sidereal} Sagittarius!

In Case you Missed the Bonus Video: The Star Beings want to teach you something VERY useful!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday December 17th, 2017 @ 11:30 pm MST
Sun’s position:           2 degrees Sagittarius (The Centaur)
Moon’s position:        2 degrees Sagittarius (The Centaur)

The Sun and Moon are together at 2° of Sagittarius where we find the center of our galaxy. This is a precious time of information and direction streaming through the portal of the center of our galaxy: the Sun of Suns, the King of Kings, the Emperor above the divine being of our own luminous Sun. Part of this event is normal; every year the Sun and Galactic Center line up – the Sun moves in front of 2° Sagittarius every year. But today the Moon joins us bringing a deep opportunity for listening. So many of us are curious and concerned: what’s next? Where are we headed, what is happening, and how do I play my part?

This New Moon at the Galactic center with the Sun (our local portal) lined up here and the sweet, deep, quiet Moon in darkness opens a listening channel for each heart… each soul. These three days: Saturday Sunday and Monday sit in your customary fashion and listen. Or maybe you don’t sit, maybe this is entirely new for you – that is just fine. Simply sit, be still, and light a candle to the light within you, the light of our own Sun and to the spiritual light that burns the center of our galaxy around which our solar system whirls! Then open to listen – sense, see and feel what wisdom finds you!

Just as your physical body keeps itself together without your effort providing the perfect environment for your soul to live into its promise, so too does our solar system spin around the Sun without your effort creating the perfect environment for your life.

And yet the Sun has an elder sibling. As magnificent and powerfully life giving and creative as our Sun is, it receives guidance and spiritual sustenance from the center of our galaxy.

And we know that our magnificent galaxy also spins around a vast center deep in the Cosmos. Sense see and feel this vast chain of wisdom, concern, guidance, and evolutionary forces that reach from these unknown depths within the heavens down to the center of your body.  Feel that unbroken line of light touch your flame of being living in the region of the belly button and just below.

Rest into your rightful place in this chain of being and listen for the answers to your questions now.

Then, the Centaur comes forward and takes me up into space to observe the earth in its entirety. And I can see the rays of influence that pour onto our Sun and from our Sun onto the Earth. The Moon in its darkness allows us to feel this wisdom undistorted by the lunar and we can take in deeply what comes for us as an individual soul in these most challenging of times.

Part of this moon’s gift to all of us is the deepest reminder that this is not the end and therefore the hardships and tragedies that we are witnessing and experiencing personally can be contextualized so that we do not harden and block our connection to the invisible realms with our cynicism or our frustration and pain that these horrible things happen and Divinity does not stop them. Indeed we can understand how they’re very much part of the wholeness that makes up this realm of material, of matter infused by spirit.

And with that out of the way we can still hear our role in these dire times! We no longer seek the action that will “turn the Titanic” and avert disaster. Nor do we fall into folly, “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” Instead we listen for the wisdom that is ours- the wisdom that shows us our role to play that walks the middle ground between these two extremes of trying to save everything and throwing our hands up in defeat. We sense see and feel from the Galactic center from our own Sun at this time into our own flame of being that which helps us to shine and be a light in this wintertime.

Let these words sink in to clearly tell you that’s that the advice that comes may not be elaborate or glamorous but maybe a reminder to simply eat better or other self-care.  I feel these previous sentences are not artful enough. But the point being: listen carefully to the sky not the cultural messages that we must be so extraordinary and unique to make any difference. This simply is not true.

The Sun of Suns, the Galactic center is available to us as a resource anytime but this new Moon eases the way with the physical alignment of light and is a wonderful introduction to this Elder of our own Sun. Your own flame of being that dwells within you is a flame of our Sun, is a flame of the Central Sun of our galaxy. I sit with my hands cupping my lower belly and invite you into that same gesture, feeling the potency and magic of your own self. Listen to this flame for your wisdom.

Endings, new beginnings, commitments made, commitments completed: this Winter Solstice time is indeed a threshold. Keep your wits about you, pay attention, come from the place of the wisdom you have received and from that place of your bright clean flame that burns within you. Trust your affinity and connection to the divine. In moments of indecision or fluster, come home to this place in the body: be quiet even for one second … and meet the moment with the wisdom that rises up from here.