Flaming Visions for 2018 ~ Full Moon in {Sidereal} Sagittarius & Gemini

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Monday January 1st, 2018 @ 7:24 pm MST
Sun’s position:           17 degrees Sagittarius (The Archer)
Moon’s position:        17 degrees Gemini (The Twins)

This Full Moon is the fresh start for us, albeit an artificial one as the January 1st threshold is a calendar threshold and while it does fit in between some celestial markers, it is artificial. Yet the artificial rules the world now and this January 1st threshold holds meaning globally.

Every Full Moon brings forward a dichotomy, a paradox; two conflicting points of view that seek a harmonizing point. Here we have the long term vision and goals of Sagittarius and the ruminating, researching, exploration of Gemini. The Star Beings show me a through point through the planets that rule these constellations: Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Mercury rules Gemini. Well this is a clue because these two already do work in harmony.  Jupiter is always reaching out farther into the cosmic landscape and stepping the cosmic impulses down to Mercury.  And then Mercury is stepping it down to human scale.

You know “think globally, act locally”? Here we take it further into “think galactically, act personally!”

So, I’m taking this to mean there are big star impulses that we can receive, take on, and then implement through our own lives through time. Those arrows of Sagittarius are asking us to connect to something larger but still we express and live into them on a human scale, personally.

This Full Moon is a time of visioning, expansion and exploration into what this year could bring personally and collectively. And yes, with all that’s been going down globally it feels intimidating and difficult to keep engaging with positive visions for our planet. Yet there is still merit here; this Full Moon invites us to feel the arrows of these visions entering into our hearts painfully as we connect to visions or dreams that feel maybe impossible.  When I did this with the Stars, I felt the pain and suffering, sadness and loss of what is no longer possible given the collective place we find ourselves as humans on this earth at this time.  We’ve build this mess and here we are.  Yet I also felt how the heart is served by the breaking open.  I felt the sadness of the Sagittarius Arrows hitting my Gemini heart – and there was a sensation of bittersweetness there. 

Work with that as you will, But let me emphasize, this is not the time of sorting things out or eliminating what “can’t happen”, but rather a time of visioning, of feeling, of expanding into both aspects of the Moon: Sagittarius (in its strong long term visioning) and Gemini (in its wide explorations, investigations, conversations and dreamings.)  No conclusions needed yet.

This all can be boiled down into a willingness to be acted upon by the stars.  A willingness to be open and be broken open by the pain of it all! Are you willing?

p.s. from Sally : with Mercury’s strong involvement here, I’d encourage extra mindfulness about what media you are consuming during this cycle.  Yes, yes I know: you want to “stay informed” or be “entertained.”  Just please take a moment to ask yourself, “is this helping to keep my channels open to what’s coming in from my highest self?”  And then make your conscious choice!  xoxox