July 12th New Moon ~ Finding Levity in {Sidereal} Gemini

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!
For 2018, I’m leaving the notes even more “raw”, to offer more insight into how these images come to me.
What you read below is a lightly edited version of the exact visioning! Enjoy!!

I’d love to hear what you think of this shift in the notes!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Thursday July 12th, 2018 @ 8:47 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           26 degrees Gemini (The Twins)
Moon’s position:       26 degrees Gemini (The Twins)
Bonus Planets:         Pluto – 25 d Sagittarius / Jupiter – 19 d Libra / Neptune – 21 d Aquarius

I fly up and out into the sky away from humanity and in the moonlit clouds. I enter into a cloud to give myself a completely hidden space and a smooth and empty visionary field. I climb but there is nowhere to go that is truly “away.”

This trine, the New Moon and two planets of Jupiter and Neptune, forms a hovercraft, a flow of movement, of transformation and growth, creativity and communion with divinity.  Pluto, who is opposite the New Moon, is King of the Underworld and faces us from the ground of Sagittarius, from the ground of the big picture and the long game. We cannot escape our humanity – we cannot deny our fallibility. Can you expand beyond your shadow?

From a solar perspective our human fallibility is the root that holds us to the earth, our limits are the unseen aspects that allow us to incarnate, they are a condition of our existence, in other words. With this ‘fact’ in mind, let’s accept it and still examine a bigger view… still move out with the Stars and see the bigger picture.

From the stellar perspective Pluto pierces through the small talk to weave together our many lifetimes, to weave together the stepping stones of accomplishment that the accumulation of many lives brings. We are refining our direction by seeing the shadow and the misdirection.

Remember as stated right away [above], the forces of this Grand Trine form a raft we can float on, to rise to the top of this swamp.  We work in this New Moon in Gemini by: staying devoted to ourselves in the sacred dark of Moon hidden with Sun, growing in a balanced way (expanding not through one extreme or another) with Jupiter in Libra, and communing with divinity thru the arts, the mystical, the creative, & the imaginative rooted into the Sanctuary within ourselves as Neptune radiates within Aquarius.

Yes, Things keep coming at us from the depths of Pluto in the underworld. Our resources are given. Aho.