Sept 9th New Moon ~ Illusions Melted, Truth Revealed!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!
For 2018, I’m leaving the notes even more “raw”, to offer more insight into how these images come to me.
What you read below is a lightly edited version of the exact visioning! Enjoy!!

I’d love to hear what you think of this shift in the notes!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday September 9th, 2018 @ Noon MDT
Sun’s position:           22 degrees Leo (The Lion)
Moon’s position:       22 degrees Leo (The Lion)
Bonus Planets:  Neptune @ 22 degrees Aquarius

I open to the Star Beings and immediately experience the fullness of the saddlebags that I’ve filled in the previous two weeks.  Then I proceed down the path to the great Buddha statue where I lay out a picnic from that which is within the bags, and commune with this great creature who is cheerful despite the truth of existence. He is encouraging and lifts me up on his huge golden hand up into the clouds in the sky where I grow great white wings and fly to sit with the Lion who holds this New Moon. This Lion beneath the cultural overlays is a being of great forgiveness and compassion… a Being of Great self-love.

As I gaze from the lion over to Aquarius to see Neptune. the words that come are the great collective hypnosis. I think this relates to the media and the untruths that we tell ourselves. Neptune in Aquarius as the great collective escape or even the collective consciousness meditation maybe even the Akashic records as the collective unconscious. And art And music and dance.

To have the darkness of this Leo new Moon facing right into this Neptune placement, I feel the pull of our illusions and self delusions contrasting with the inner knowing and self forgiveness for these illusions. Here in this moon cycle we can open the box of resources that we built in the previous two weeks and drawn on those resources.

I sit with this Lion asking directly, “What do you want my viewership to know about this new Moon?” Again I hear that the fallibility of the human being is a feature not a bug. That we are tempted off of our path and we are bewitched by the phenomena all around us. But this does not in anyway diminish the purity of the light that lives within each of us: the soul’s light. The Lion sees us in our purity.

I ask the question again about what is wanted to be shared with the viewers for this New Moon…
They respond, To everything is a season, to make the “sacrifice” is akin to picking fruit at its ripeness because to leave it on the vine would waste its potential and the potential will wan regardless of its application. So rather than sacrifice as a big heavy thing, I’m seeing this like a game; you take the appropriate thing and move it over to the appropriate place almost like filling in the puzzle or another metaphor. This moon cycle perhaps we are seeing where things go – as some illusions break down, we see the truth.

So less about what are you willing to sacrifice and more about what lives within you that is been asked for on the world stage? Come at this with fresh eyes looking into the future rather than the past. Less about justifying your previous choices, less about saying “hey I already have that covered” and more about this fresh moment, these times and every day in these two weeks. It’s like becoming a secret Santa everyday: as you move through, pay attention to the ways you can bring something useful, unique and special to the moment! Aho.