April 19th Full Moon ~ a Fresh Start!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday April 19th, 2017 @ 5:12 am MDT
Sun’s position:           4 degrees Aries (The Ram)
Moon’s position:        4 degrees Libra  (The Scales)

I step into my place of consciousness and am immediately drawn to the white light space, loving the nothingness and fullness simultaneously as the glowing light feel so full and yet everything is empty here.  I journey back to sit with the great Buddha to sit in his lap and I ask him to tell me a story of this Full Moon in Aries…

And as we look up into the sky he reminds me of the swiftness of the moon; how as soon as it becomes full, it begins to empty out again: impermanence! And as I rest into his lap I see the sky whirling overhead like time lapse photography – everything moving quickly, time rushing past us and we remain still, watching. From this safe space nestled within the lap of the Buddha I ask the Star Beings what they would like people to know for this Full Moon.

At their request, I head into the forest here. Seated as I am upon the grass, I see a line of flowers rising up and blooming right in front of me. But somehow also I can see right through the earth into the roots spreading down white and fine into the earth.  I notice as their roots interweave with one another beneath ground and I see their stems and brightly colored faces wiggling in the wind. And I perceive the spiritual forces that may be some traditions call devas that are the spiritual forces that surround these flowers and help fuel their growth just as sun and soil do.

The constellation of Aries is the Ram, a Being of close connection to the great potential: the top of the Tree of Life, the Void out of Which All Things Come, the Godhead etc… and it occurs to me that it makes much more sense to make “New Year’s resolutions” now when all of nature is conspiring to new beginnings. As we are of nature, we can align with us align with this and rinse away the dross of winter and bloom the seeds of potential that live within each of us.

But unlike New Year’s resolutions which center around our own will fforce and what we think we need to do to be better, Aries has access to something before thinking, before the intellect even comes into existence! Here we surrender something of our own Will into the Will of that which is greater, that we revere… trusting our role in something larger and letting our personal beauty emerge.

As I seek another symbolic tool for us, I see the Rod of Uprightness – a recommitment to our own dignity and integrity. As the world shakes around us and events keep coming, we can bathe within these renewal energies of Aries for this Full Moon. We can invite in alternative possibilities in our own lives in the larger realms. Practice being the expansive seed, newly burst into life.

Essentially we seek to find the balance between our own will force and the will force of “God”, as we define it. It is a fresh start: an opportunity to realign with that which we value and an opportunity to widen our vessel that allows Divinity to find its expression through each of us. Just as the Zodiac is a circle, a spiral… so too are our lives, as we come back again and again to our primary attunements and start again fresh. Aho!