May 18th Full Moon ~ Princess & the Pea!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Saturday May 18th, 2019 @ 3:11 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           3 degrees Taurus (The Bull)
Moon’s position:        3 degrees Scorpio (The Scorpion/Eagle)

I step down into my main place of consciousness and the color yellow seems to be everywhere… we are through Beltane, we are entering into the season of light with the days lengthening significantly. I am seated in a field of flowers, a light breeze blowing.. I feel & see the trees and a great big Physician’s tree; a tall tree that shares its resources out to struggling members of the forest community. 

As I drop in to hear with the Star Beings have to say for this Full Moon, I feel the magic and majesty of stepping into Taurus ~ this amazing being of fullness. With this being, all of our senses come alive within the living world of nature. This is a cycle in which to pay attention, indulging our senses, exploring the sensations that life brings you. Often in our busy lives we work to neutralize feelings/sensations so that we are not distracted from our tasks; we catch up on emails while we are eating, we look at our social media/ Facebook while riding in a car or other public transportation, we listen to music when we take a walk, we put on a podcast while working in the house or yard. (I hope it does not escape your notice that electronic devices feature in all of the distractions I have listed.)

We forget to notice what a room smells like, we’ve forgotten to notice what our clothing feels like draped across us. This Moon cycle invites us to enliven our senses, this cycle invites us back into our own bodies. This Moon cycle invites us to notice what it feels like to be alive.

This of course may include uncomfortable feelings, or discomfort. Even this is a part of the realm of the mighty Bull, because it is this being who governs the agreements between the invisible blueprints of our bodies and the matter that has agreed to coalesce and form our bodies.

I feel a yearning in my heart inspired by the Stars as they yearn for each of us to be more present and more alive. They know that when we inhabit our own bodies more fully not only do we land more life force into the web of all life that is sorely needed now but we also weave our consciousness into a deeper understanding of the unity of all things, the way everything is woven together. (Science calls these things the ‘food chain’ or inter-dependency or identifies systems such as the oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange between ourselves and the green world.)

The Star Beings indicate that the more we actually experience our sensations, the more strongly we become agents of positivity on earth. For those of us who are in physical pain, maybe ill or facing health challenges, the Star Beings invite you to feel places in nature that are also not at the peak of health – places suffering from challenges to their health just like you. But do this briefly and then move on to places in nature that are healthy and robust. 

If we are feeling good, we reach out like a physician’s tree to that which is suffering and if we are suffering we reach out to nature that is feeling good. Allowing the systems to harmonize, putting ourselves back into the web both as resource and to be resourced. See if we can be like the Princess & the Pea; aware of the subtleties upon our flesh, tasting touching smelling listening and even seeing with new subtlety. Aho.