September 13th Full Moon ~ Assess your Impact!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday September 13th, 2019 @ 10:31 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           26 degrees Leo (The Lion) – conjunct Mars @ 22 d Leo
Moon’s position:        26 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman) – conjunct Neptune @ 22 d Aquarius

We have the Sun at 26° of Leo conjunct Mars who is it 22° Leo
And the Moon at 26° of Aquarius conjunct Neptune at 22° Aquarius

Also worth noting Venus and Mercury are conjunct at 4° a Virgo opposite Chiron at 9° Pisces.
Saturn moves direct in this cycle on the 17th September having been retrograde since the end of April.

I find the Lion is stretched out, grooming and relaxing. The late heat of summer is upon us. The Lion is always very obliging and helpful and he rises and allows me to climb up on his back. He will show me ~ and us ~ the meaning of this Full Moon.

We climb to great heights to look out upon the landscape and this to me is the sense of the Moon in Aquarius: able to consider and feel what is useful for the whole. It is as if this Moon in September is a pause within the last months’ hard work – we reflect upon what we have done thus far before we dive back into the next phase of work.

There is still time to make adjustments now to be sure we have the far-reaching impact that we planned for. Even if our projects and work are intimate and personal, they have ripples that intersect with other beings seen or unseen.

Do not be too proud to refuse feedback or to seek your own assessments and constructive criticism. If you are handing out the criticism, be gentle or at the very least remember at the front of your mind that people are never perfect. Remember that everyone is fighting their own little battles that you may not see or be aware of. We all develop compensating behaviors to protect ourselves from our own pain: remember this.