September 28th New Moon ~ What Have You Grown?!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Saturday September 28th, 2019 @ 12:25 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           10 degrees Virgo (The Virgin Mother)
Moon’s position:        10 degrees Virgo (The Virgin Mother)
Bonus Planets: Chiron @ 9d Pisces
                           Mars @ 2d Virgo, Venus @ 23d Virgo, Mercury @ 28d Virgo (@ Spica!)
                           Saturn and the South Node of the Moon together @ 19d Sagittarius
                           Pluto goes Direct, after being Retrograde since the end of April, 2019

We have the sun and the moon together at 10 ° of Virgo directly across the way from Chiron 9° of Pisces. Mars is nearby at 2° Virgo. Mercury is essentially with the star Spica. The South Node of the Moon and Saturn are conjunct: their third & final hit this year at 19° Sagittarius. During this cycle Pluto will go direct having been retrograde since the end of April – Saturn went direct last moon cycle on the 18th September and had been retrograde for the same amount of time as Pluto.

This is a new Moon of digestion, integration and harvest. We become still to assess what we have created through the height of the growing season this year. We honor the changing light and begin to come into our sanctuaries earlier in the evening, cuddling up with our journals to begin review of what has happened thus far this year.

When I look at the astrological data I see that the opposition to Chiron could tempt us into looking at the glass half empty, noticing what we have not done, what we have not completed. This is human nature. Instead look into your “failures” for the seeds that will feed the next cycle, the next attempt, the next dive into bringing this stream this project into manifestation.  This “next” cycle might be right now, before the end of the year or it could be next year/the future – that part is up to you!

This cycle also asks us to look at: what wisdom talent or skill we have strengthened since spring? It will be of use to us in the coming deep winter of February. If instead you see that you have backslid into a bad habit this spring that you are still indulging in, this is the third knock on the door to invite you to be in integrity within your own rules, your own wisdom. Otherwise you may be caught in difficulties/with your hand in the cookie jar come this February date!

The harvest season is just beginning to ignite. The weather and the turning of the wheel – it Is just beginning to make itself known. As we move through this threshold, assess with compassion your accomplishments against the intentions you had when 2019 was new. See with clear eyes where are you have gone astray (if you have.) See with clear eyes where you have outperformed your expectations (if you have done that!) Rest into the shorter days; do not see them as the enemy but as more time for the quiet parts / wisdom parts of your being to do their medicine.

Remember: Virgo is the Divine mother – the Virgin mother. She is the wheel of decay that ends with the Crone – the Wisdom Grandmother Winter who magically reappears as the green maiden come spring. Use this threshold to begin to trust her magic and medicine as it lives in you, inherently as a human being. Aho