Jan 24th New Moon ~ the Mystery of Light!

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday January 24th, 2020 @ 2:41 pm MST
Sun’s position:           9 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)
Moon’s position:        9 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)

…I bring myself into the sacred Cross and from here down to deep stillness …hibernation. Surrounded by Divinity, the stars, my guides I seek insights here for the New Moon with the Sun and Moon together in the beginning of Capricorn, the SeaGoat.

I feel fixed upon the center of the earth, my hands holding the earth light, my feet up to the sky. I feel calm and unswervingly focused into the earth, into the roots, into the slumber beneath the soil – this of course reminds me of the Hanged Man gesture.

and I become aware of the heat of the other hemisphere as they slide towards Lammas, the first harvest. I wonder how to speak to an entire global experience in this way. I’m so close to quitting, to failing, to letting go, to releasing all effort. To falling asleep completely.

I wonder about the degree to which other people feel flattened? This winter brings much in global news that is of a scale we have not seen perhaps in our personal lifetime. How to metabolize this? How to access this new Moon in Capricorn?

Again the image of the Hanged Man shines brightly within the dark of the new moon: This is the time to observe with new eyes that which you may take for granted around you. To maintain the basics for fundamental health and well-being and to root repeatedly, diligently into that which is larger than yourself: the web of life and spirit as you know and revere it. The realm of nature and its cycles and patterns. The Living intelligence of the land and the fairy. The starry expanse of the heavens and the mystery of light. God, Angels, patterns of unseen beings in sacred geometric formations around you and this world.

The Stars show me an image of a leaf upon a tree – blowing in the wind, hanging on like all the other leaves around it. This one leaf simply does its job of receiving light, turning it into food for itself to be alive – in all that simplicity and deep complexity, simultaneously.

I understand these images in the context of our placement within the constellation Capricorn, a Being who can parse down the overwhelm into small steps that are doable. We are shown how we gather our coat around ourselves within a windstorm, leaning forward and simply taking one step after another bringing the consciousness there, to the simplest of what is before oneself.

Remember, the web of life and conditions around us are changing and swirling and not in our control personally. So we anchor to the central flame of the earth from our central flame in our body and we persevere.

I hope that your experience of life now is more jubilant then these images perhaps portray. If so Great! But for the rest of us: go easy on the self-criticism, recognizing that so very much is beyond your control. Focus upon what IS (possibly) under your control: your attention!  Focus upon putting one foot in front of the other, receiving light from the central flame of divinity as you know it, as you define it.

and hang in there…