Earth Medicine ~ May 22nd New Moon

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Thursday May 22nd, 2020 @ 11:40 am MDT
Sun’s position:           7 degrees Taurus (The Bull)
Moon’s position:        7 degrees Taurus (The Bull)

This New Moon is in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull.  Taurus is a being of great strength, great life force. A being of density / unity and single-purpose who rushes headlong into the sensations of the body experienced through the portals of consciousness – conscious awareness.

This is without a doubt a moon of Grounding. Earth medicine. It Is the moment of the seed falling from lofty intentions into humble dirt.  Let’s track this flow from the beginning, let us place Taurus in context: Aries emerges into being from the mystery of un-being. With Taurus now, we are here, having arrived on this side of that threshold and all the sensations of life within us /  coming to us through these portals of awareness, bombard us, pleasing us while also showing us what we don’t like.

This is good: teaching us, showing us our natural instinctual affinities and antipathies. Here we learn what is good to eat. Here we notice what serves this body and what does not. we learn what the soft animal of our body loves and doesn’t love. Not that all of this information is meant to be preserved without question or to be indulged without refinement: no. But here we can glimpse the vehicle of who we are – what we are – as organic matter organized around the unifying principles of our soul. Spirit in matter.

We can awaken our senses to the living world of nature around us, experiencing how we are so deeply embedded in that world of nature despite the last many many (many!) years of cultural conditioning that we’re somehow separate.

This New Moon in Taurus is time to return to your body, to return to practices of deep grounding or earthing… you can even practice awareness of the way your body is an Oracle, offering you yes or no responses to questions faster then your reasoning mind can weigh the pros and cons of the same question put to you. (In other words and an excellent time to hone your intuition.)

This New Moon of Taurus is time to re-discover you’re actually in a body. Be curious about all that it presents you.

Thank this container. Rest it, run it, breathe deeply into it, bend it, stretch it. Recognize it is ephemeral, fleeting, temporary… and see this mirrored in the living world of nature around you as flowers rise and fall away in the northern hemisphere and the vital life forces draw down into the soil in the southern hemisphere.

In this new Moon of Taurus feel how you are everywhere and in all things and yet you are concentrated into this one point of view, this one vehicle of consciousness for this life. Meditate between these two states: we are all one another and I am simply myself. In this New Moon of Taurus we can feel both are true and there is a mystery there.

Which brings me to the larger point:

Within this moon, we can find and actually feel the lack of separation between the many people who are dying and ourselves.  We could easily be them, or they could be us.  This is something we may not want to feel or that we cannot avoid feeling.

The reality of so many humans surrendering their life force back into the collective in tremendous and vast numbers daily… this reality is either completely conceptualized and impossible to imagine or (the other end of the spectrum) we’re crushed by the empathy and the feeling of that reality.

Here, Taurus guides us to find our OWN singular body in space, with all its sensations… while also finding how that body we inhabit is intrinsically embedded in this living world of nature.

This imagery, this attuning meditation works to bring those two extremes of feeling nothing or feeling too much into harmony.

We do this so that we can continue our unique role, our collective role as healthy vessel for the indwelling of spirit through matter as humanity.

We do this so that as healthy vessel we can participate in the questions Taurus asks us: Can we begin to dream a new future?

We do this to emerge cleansed and more present to being alive. And balanced between the two points of feeling ‘too much’ and ‘not feeling enough’.  We do this on behalf of our own lives and the lives of all other beings with whom we share this realm of Life.