Distill Details into Dreams ~ July 4th Full Moon

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Saturday July 4th, 2020 @ 10:45 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           19 degrees Gemini (The Twins)
Moon’s position:        19 degrees Sagittarius (The Archer)
Extra planets:              Mercury 13d Gemini / Jupiter & Pluto 29d Sagittarius / Saturn 5d Capricorn

This Full Moon, the Star Beings remind me that it’s the Milky Way that spans this opposition from Gemini to Sagittarius. This carpet of Stars, this pathway of light is here in this partnership between the Twins and the centaur, the Archer. It is a partnership of distillation as the Twins generate and brainstorm and see all situations, all options. This can be overwhelming in possibilities, mental chatter, indecision, confusion etc. But the Centaur can stand upon this base/foundation and distill these options into a long range vision…. long range dreams.

Now if you have been paying attention at all, you realize that predictability of the future is in low supply right now! Perhaps all that is predictable is the constancy of change.

Knowing this, how can we allow in the harmonizing influence of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius, the Centaur, the Archer is a being of great sensitivity and grounding and brings to mind the Tarot card of Strength. This sacred priestess taming the wild animal of reactivity within us all…balancing that earthy intuition with the higher intellect, our adult self directing our inner teenager wisely! Crowned with the infinity symbol and clothed in white, we can trust her purity and her connection to the highest perspectives.

Despite the multiple paths before us and the ever changing options and the endless unknowns, where are you going? Sagittarius seeks the vision the dream of our better future … dig into your objectives, aspirations, hopes & yearnings!

Sagittarius seeks expansion and growth and prods us out of our ruts and patterns. While this may be disruptive and uncomfortable [and who hasn’t already been disrupted or uncomfortable?] it is in preparation for a new plan and new patterns.

What we resist persist.

With the strengths of Gemini’s options and Sagittarius’s ability to distill and see far into the future, find your ground.

Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter are all retrograde. [stationing direct again later this year] Believe it or not this can be a moment to catch your breath. To assess your options and to relinquish upon the altar of transformation that which you know must change within yourself; within your attitudes, your thinking, your self-care.

Use the tension of this time in healthy expression. Look at this t-square of this Full Moon eclipse – Mars as the arrow strung tightly in the Full Moon bow, set to fly. Use this “ants in your pants” feeling to take the first step forward toward your visions from Sagittarius.

Even the creation of this work – this video – feels interlaced with scattered energy.

As if, I’m being held together with tape and glue and safety pins. While maybe it’s not the prettiest or the smoothest, I remain anchored in nature, the core meditations like the sacred Cross and my values of ‘do no harm’…and my studies of the Kabbalah, the Tarot and decolonizing my mind through the amazing resources emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement’s generous outpouring of information and well written perspectives.

And love. I remain rooted in love & kindness

Here in Gemini, the light that streams to us carries forth cosmic bonded love, that crazy desire to support one another no matter what. Our fiery appreciation for the people – the imperfect people – in our lives, and the devotion to their dreams and their devotion to our dreams.

In this Moon cycle connect to your tribe to remember these devotions. Talk with tribe (or scribe within your journal) your dreams & visions for the future. Reach out to listen to others, starting conversations about their dreams. Draw the conversation away from the unknowns and into the broader vision of the centaur, who is rooted in core values, sensitive to what is true from amongst all that Gemini has gathered

Expand your senses to walk upon the Milky Way of stars that stretch between the Twins and the Archer.