Feeling the Heat of the World ~ Aug 18th New Moon

hello friends,
NO VIDEO for this New Moon cycle but definitely StarWisdom – read the details below

The Lunar Lowdown 

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Tuesday August 18th, 2020 @ 8:42 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           2 degrees Leo (The Lion)
Moon’s position:        2 degrees Leo (The Lion)

To all my loyal viewers, friends and fellow stargazers,
I’m unable to offer a video for this New Moon cycle – life has been too challenging for me to take the extra step from Star words into vision.  Having said that, I am sharing the insights in words, below – as I usually do.  I am sorry to not speak these teachings to you directly thru the screen and I hope to be back with you next time…

the New Moon Lowdown:
From within my meditation, I am so aware that we are in the New Moon of the Lion. This constellation is associated with the Sun because it is here we find unbridled enthusiasm and willing sacrifice.

This is the realm of generosity of character ~ that which inclines someone to go out of their way to help others who are less resourced or equipped to meet the challenge in front of them.

This same impulse can become the shadow of grandstanding and trying to be at the center of every solution, the center of all the attention.

With this knowing I come back into a more neutral luminosity and I ask for the story to tell for this New Moon in the middle of August with the Sun and Moon in the first degrees of the Lion.

First I am faced with the raw animal of the Lion who can be swept up in his own experience and thus less tuned-in to those around him. I sense being self centered, egotistical, diminishing the experiences of others as less important than his own.

Within this I feel the heat of the world and the fatigue of those embroiled in drama and all the many challenges that world events are bringing now.

This Lion needs to lick his wounds and resource, not just push through or he will most likely push others over.

From this I take the meaning that this is New Moon invites a pulling in (as all New Moons do) and here it is around the theme of… loss, injuries sustained to oneself, things that you want to ignore and push through.

I come back to center and now see the lemniscate, the figure 8, moving fluidly above me incorporating that which is upon my left with that which is upon my right.  I realize the left is what has been offered above – a sense of mercy to oneself and the world.  And the right is the more severe: I see the high standard of the Lion as Christ consciousness and the great sacrifice made by Sacred Kings.

Fundamentally what I feel like I am experiencing is the territory between the exalted Lion and the immature one. And I see the six of pentacles – this Tarot Card that is inviting us to investigate our relationship to sacrificing our needs to the needs of others. Like all things, it has an up side and a down side and this New Moon creates conditions within which we can examine how healthy our relationships are in this respect.  This knowledge or assessment is then used to bring us to a place of clarity, harmony, beauty, brilliance.

This inquiry is so unique for every individual – it is based upon our natural inclinations to serve and the health and maturity of those around us who are pulling on our resources.  Also in the mix are our own beliefs, opinions and habits around sacrifice. (among other metrics!)

This world situation is not going anywhere other than them down the path of its own choosing.

My sense here is much has been asked of us and much more will be asked off in the times to come.

And so we assess in this New Moon (that lets us pull in to attend to ourselves)… we assess ourselves for exhaustion, fatigue, resentment, anger, fear… to contemplate and examine where you are giving and where you are receiving – where you are being overly noble and where are you are being overly self-indulgent.

As always, we do this not in judgment of ourselves nor to get in there and “strong arm” a change within ourselves. Because actually just to witness ourselves is enough. By bearing witness to ourselves and calmly seeing where our life lines up with our intentions for who we want to be is powerful medicine.