Deep Earth ~ New Moon in Virgo

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Thursday September 17th, 2020 @ 5:00 am MDT
Sun’s position:           0 degrees Virgo (The Divine Mother)
Moon’s position:        0 degrees Virgo (The Divine Mother)

The Sun and the Moon stand together at the very beginning of Virgo. They are essentially opposite Neptune at the end degrees of Aquarius. This New Moon is trine to the gathering of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

This New Moon is in the Divine mother, the renewed maiden. And the information that comes first is very simple: this divine mother rules over regeneration and rebirth. Within our physical bodies, she is associated with our ability to digest and to absorb nutrients and to discard the rest. She is a goddess of discernment and good health practices.

Again she is the mystery of life itself; the regenerative aspect of earth. Wherever you see grass poking its way through pavement, she is there. Whenever you sense hope, she is there. In the withering vines and the dying flowers, in the colder nights of fall – she is there.

There is a Celestial octave to this terrestrial description… but life for you and me is very practical now so rather than be lyrical and overly expanded instead we go down into the earth.

In there, we find the pulsing heartbeat, the warm light of the earth’s core. Here we can gain strength by resting near to this light meditatively. Akin to an eternal hearth, we warm ourselves gently strengthening the fires of digestion both literally and emotionally, spiritually.

Neptune’s opposition to this Moon can obscure what we know, can exaggerate our feelings, exaggerate the rocky seas around us.  We are confronted by our “monsters!” in the imaginal, so pay attention to where YOU are adding fuel to your fires in unhealthy ways.  Virgo invites discernment, invites simplicity and austerity even!  What needs to go – what do you need a break from?  Offer that up into her hearth, her heart, her arms.

By invoking this divine mother and sitting deep underground we can claim, we can receive the renewal of this Virgo New Moon.