Authenticity in a sea of Imitation! ~ New Moon of Oct 16th

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Friday October 17th, 2020 @ 1:30 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           29 degrees Virgo (The Virgin Mother)
Moon’s position:        29 degrees Virgo (The Virgin Mother)

The simplest response to this chart involves the Sun and Moon’s placement at the star Spica. This is a Star of nourishment. And this New Moon threshold offers us each the opportunity to discern nourishment from imitation. Some are calling this a Post-Truth era by which is meant this age where so much is obscured by the overwhelming information, 24 hour news cycle, opinions as fact etc.. Yet within each of us lives the wisdom to know what is real food and what is fake. Even amongst the shifting sands of our lives now, we must come back home to our own bodies –  we strive to strengthen our capacity of what my teacher called the “body barometer.” (Check out her book, about Unseen Worlds and Practical Spiritual Discernment on!)

And as I contemplate this ability to know if something nourishes you or depletes you, I recognize also the privilege inherent in this – that supposes you have the freedom to back off of that which is toxic and that you have the resources to choose what is beneficial and nourishing to you. But before I run away with that, I’m talking about very core self-care: of self talk, of thoughts and choices of media input from your phone and other screens.

And when I settle beneath these modern-day concepts and ideas, I simply see Her… radiant before me, dressed in white robes, She shines with starlight. And I simply stand before her receiving the light that emits from her. I sense that to dwell in her presence is to receive assistance in the processing and digestion, separating the gold from the dross and allowing me to be strengthened, cleansed and nourished. And most importantly I sense that through this meditation I become a source of nourishment to others. This is done through simply allowing that which comes to me from Her to then pass through me into the world around me, unconditionally.

Remember that square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto made with this New Moon?  Well, this moon cycle brings us closer into real proximity and confrontation with the transformative energies of these times…

Use that, knowing that this new moon cycle is in front of the sacred star of Spica; a Star that mediates the mystery of regeneration and true nourishment, by which I mean that which inspires you, gives you buoyancy, feeds your resilience and uplifts you into the visions of what WILL bloom upon the destruction we see now..  and by which I mean that which feeds you to give you the energy to persist in the positive steps that steer your ship towards those positive visions.

It can be so easy and so tempting and so strangely satisfying to consume layer upon layer of tragedy, extreme weather, scandal, name-calling etc. You must decide personally how much of that you can handle before you are depleted and no longer strong enough to focus upon the positive spiritual forces that exist and stream to you the forces which sustain and rebuild you.

The invitation is to sit before her and receive her radiance that you might be strengthened and cleansed and that you might be a conduit into the world, bringing authentic Life forces into the sea of imitation. Aho.