Fizzy Forest & the Future ~ {Sidereal} Capricorn New Moon Feb 11th

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Thursday February 11th, 2021 @ 12:06 pm MST
Sun’s position:           28 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)
Moon’s position:        28 degrees Capricorn (The SeaGoat)

As I sought this Moon’s medicine, I was met with an odd sensation of physical resistance that surprised me.  I kept bumping up against a wall… the “old” way wasn’t quite working!  It felt like, hmm, maybe its time for another meditation form, a different way of doing this?  Yet without really any clear ‘other’ inspiration in that moment, I persisted with my tradition, but more gently… with more attention to what I was noticing…trusting that intuition of ‘change’ meant something real…

and here we are!  Rather than a change in how I get the Star Wisdom, it seems a change in how I give that Star Wisdom…

If you’ve been a long time viewer, you will know that I’ve filmed over 100 Lunar videos for you, almost entirely out of doors, in nature, all over this country as I’ve traveled in my lovely and fantastic Van… (for 4 scintillating years) but with current events as they are and have been since early 2020, I’ve found myself anchored in colder climates where filming outdoors has been less feasible.

So I find myself here, making changes, doing things differently ~ and I’m excited to hear what you think!

And lest you think the change is randomly timed, it’s actually always the prompting of the Stars that moves changes around here! And while I don’t always see it on the front end, upon reflection I do see how it reflects and weaves into exactly the astrological weather!

So ~ on to THAT!

In the visioning, I was amongst a wild forest of tall, closely placed trees… this forest is tightly packed, the trees are very close together and I only see their trunks, about as thick as a human being, they rise up tall & straight- their branches are above what I can see at eye level…

And they were very solid trees, firm in their foundation, deep into the earth.

pushing against their trunks, they do not move.

Here amongst them I become aware of the contrast to my own human animal softness, vulnerability and fluidity ~ I am a being without roots, a being not attached into the skin of the earth – I feel the liability of that, the looseness of that from the perspective of the trees.

I experience the firmness of the trees and their commitment to their Way.

and from here I consciously ask “what would you have us know for this new Moon?”

In response to that question I see the spirits of the Forest emerging from each tree being, becoming something I can see. There is an energy of awakening and reemerging… of playfulness and useful curiosity. This forest is fizzing just beneath the surface, hidden beyond normal perception… Through “normal” vision, we might think that Nothing is happening.

Ok ~ what’s that supposed to mean to us?…

This world, our perceivable world is – and has been – changing at an incredible pace … and additionally, particularly now, we are physically in a place in earth’s orbit around the sun where the season is shifting from fall to winter in the southern hemisphere and winter to spring in the northern one. We are half way between Solstice and Equinox… called a “cross Quarter”.

These ‘cross quarters’ are more turbulent then the more familiar equinoxes and solstices. Those times -of equal day /equal night and extremes of Longest day and shortest day – are not like this cross quarter time of choppy waters, wind thru the trees change  – they are another layer of deep change physically for the whole Globe.  A time of great potential, and choosing… confusion and chaos.

So as I was gathering this information I end up pausing… again, this sense of caution from ‘just doing things as I have before’… and I waited… and I realized:

I can’t just find the glib guidance for us ~

because what do we each want?  What do YOU specifically want?

This time of change and chaos, of layer upon layer of change and reordering… revision and release ~ We cannot answer for one another now! I cannot know if you are best served by finding stability and shelter from the storms or by jumping upon a flying carpet to ride these winds of change or by some point or combination between these extremes!

But what I can point your towards are these 2 things:

  1. First – it is a generally accepted truth, both esoteric and practical that moving forward from a place of center is good practice ~ has good outcomes. 
    Think of one’s center of gravity in competitive sports, like wrestling… or skiing or climbing. Think of your center of gravity emotionally, like when tending to children or showing up for a work meeting… That advice which we have been hearing for some moons now, remains relevant: find your personal center and Practice that.

  2. Secondly – this moon is asking you: what do you want  ~ as the forces begin to quicken and the wheel of the year is turning inevitably towards the season of growth.It is as if all the game pieces have been thrown up in the air and you’re being asked to create a vision for how you would like to see things land. You’re being asked To Make your Wish, and fill it with life force…
    Take time… quiet time, meditative time, contemplative time, creative time to answer that for yourself .  In this way, all the subtle forces out there that are communicating and responding to the/your subtle forces in here can harmonize and synthesize as we pass through this season of Change and into the season of Form.