the Ocean of Stars ~ New Moon of March 13th

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Saturday March 13th, 2021 @ 3:37 am MST
Sun’s position:           28 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman)
Moon’s position:        28 degrees Aquarius (The WaterHuman)
Bonus planets:  Neptune 26d Aquarius / Venus 25d Aquarius

For this New Moon we have the Sun and Moon together at the end of Aquarius, and right there are also Neptune & Venus, just a few degrees away from Sun and Moon.

The imagery given me was of being within the Ocean of Stars… merging with that infinite expanse of space, among the infinite stars… This celestial ocean mirrors the vast interconnected waters and Ocean of our blue planet, and both of these realms, celestial and terrestrial, are overseen by Neptune, lord of the swirling seas… Neptune as planet brings energy of dissolving and letting go, blurring what we know, who we are, where we stand … and Venus too is associated with ebb and flow, power and passion of oceans, rivers and water…

The Stars remind me that the way the sleeping seed awakens is through the presence of water – seeds contain enzymes that keep them from sprouting; these enzymes get rinsed away by water that initiates the seed’s unfolding from a tiny speck beneath the soil, into the light of expansion and full expression.

The Stars remind us, human too need to be rinsed clean; letting go & releasing to be initiated into our expansion and full expression.

I myself have been fighting a muddle of energies lately – a sense of confusion and haze just when I feel I “should” be clear as to what’s next as we step into this next season [spring.] But rather than perceiving this as a problem, I recognize it is merely a necessary stage upon the path – of emptying out before I can be filled (with my own soul’s promise?).

A New Moon meets this energy of empty; the sky empties of light… the moon becomes gone from us. We are (of course) not afraid nor do we dwell in loss; because we know through experience it is a cycle, a rhythm… and we take the absence of the Moon as an opportunity to go deep, to release, to not know … to know not.

We make ourselves ready; the gesture can be like a cave, or the shadow… the empty space “between” things. The infinite space within the Ocean of stars…

How might you sustain this place that may be uncomfortable, scary?… the unknowing, the empty, the “I’m not sure?”  It is worth sustaining …because behind, within, underneath this discomfort lives the seed preparing to be rinsed clean of that which blocks its progress …

We are aided by Aquarius in this, twofold:
One: the Aquarian Being, the WaterHuman holds a wider view and can be dispassionately removed or above the volatile world of humanity… With its help, we become observant of, but undisturbed by slippery emotional states within and around us. [fluctuating, volatile, fickle, fluid, shifting, wavering, capricious, changeful, inconstant, mutable, temperamental, unstable, vacillating!]

The Stars said, this is a Moon of intuition and “distinct attendance upon emotional states”, so pay deep attention, just don’t be drowned, pulled into the undertow of the shifting rhythms and tides of life.

Two: remember that Aquarius is the realm of our elder sisters and brothers in spirit, the Angels (the Angeloi) who whisper the secrets of our soul’s best unfolding to us.  They do this in the form of clues, messages, signs, dreams, visions and flashes of intuition…  like breadcrumbs upon the path for us to follow. So pay attention!

Remember, these beings are present with you always yet they receive extra prominence as the Sun passes in front of the constellation of Aquarius.

Take time, within this New Moon cycle, to be within the ocean of stars above… and be within the ocean of possibilities here below… be soft, open and let go of the past.. empty yourself to receive your future, to receive the next stage of your soul’s journey.

Omen! Aho!