Show up & Grow up! ~ Chiron Full Moon of March 28th

The Lunar Lowdown – a few notes

While not a transcript of our current video by any means,
I’ve included the notes below if you’d prefer to read or for referencing the information later!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Sunday March 28th, 2017 @ 12:48 pm MDT
Sun’s position:           13 degrees Pisces (The Fishes)
Moon’s position:        13 degrees Virgo (The Divine Virgin Mother)
Bonus Planets:           Chiron & Venus, both 13d Pisces

I’m creating this video from Boulder Colorado – a place thrust upon the world stage on Monday and unfortunately this recent tragedy aligns with the Astrology; this Full Moon of Pisces and Virgo lights up our soul’s need for refinement – where we act out because we struggle with how to be present with the pain of being human…

What I mean to say is that with Chiron conjunct the Sun in Pisces, we have an opportunity to show up and grow up.  It is an alignment of our personality with  our untamed selves… who we are, in presence… aligned with the wound, memory, or unrefined aspect of ourselves that we struggle to let ourselves see & feel.

What happens when those come together for you? How do we handle the painful process of being an evolving human being? Now, our wound, our pain, is in our face – it’s all around us and what do we do with the question of the trauma of modern life?

The Moon sits across the way in the belly of the Divine Mother: Virgo, the eternally renewing goddess of abundance, fertility and digestion. She holds both the wisdom of breaking things down and the wisdom of building things up.  How to break things down to absorb the nutrition, letting go of the rest – and how to build things up, making new life seemingly out of nowhere.

Her Wisdom into this cycle of breaking down and building up is mirrored back to us from the Moon right now, but like Moonlight, it is silver instead of bright, it is faint rather than loud…

you must try to see the way through your limits and into your healing. 

This may mean passing thru the scary forest of our own fears, limitations & projections.

But the aim is love, compassion, & refinement; we open to becoming better and better beings.  We open to living in improved ways built from our old forms. 

We embrace all that we love and cherish in physical form. We witness how it can all rush in at once: the desire to be here fully and to fully escape at the same time…

Being a human being is complex and confusing yet it is here upon earth that we can do so much to affect eternal change from within our own choices, upholding and living into the ideals and challenges that are uniquely ours. While we have many commonalities, each soul comes to earth with its own puzzles and potentials. This Full Moon shines light upon where we can do better; shines light upon where we numb out or avoid facing the very things that we do actually want to, deep down, heal and transform.

Let this Full Moon cycle reveal that to you-  and not just for your own soul’s progress but for the love of other human beings & creatures upon this earth.

Let the silver light of the Moon illuminate your path through the shadow realms – listen to your dreams, intuitions, visions. Use oracle cards: Tarot and others, to give you insights now.

Where will you adjust, digest, change and let go? Where will you build up, create new life, make focus and form?