Consequences! ~ Nov 8th Full Moon in Aries & Libra

The Lunar Lowdown – the Celestial Details

With the shift to Visioning while simultaneously filming Video, a written transcript is no longer part of my offerings at this time; Thank you for understanding!

Actual Time of Celestial Event: Tuesday November 8th, 2022 @ 4:02 am MST
Sun’s position:           21 degrees Libra (The Scales)
Moon’s position:        21 degrees Aries (The Ram)
Bonus Planets:
with the Sun: South Node of the Moon 18d Libra/ Mercury 21d Libra/ Venus 25d Libra
with the Moon: North Node of the Moon 22d Aries/ Uranus 22d Aries
square to All: Saturn 24d Capricorn