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November 26th New Moon ~ Preparing your Shadow!

Join Sally in the waning light of deep Autumn for the Stars advice as we drop into Thanksgiving in the US, and the next two weeks of keeping our cool! These times drive us all to need to blow off a bit of steam; can we acknowledge & prepare our own Shadow so we don’t burn anyone with that steam?!?

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October 27th New Moon ~ Harvest Your Wisdom!

Sink deep this cycle, into the Wisdom that lives within YOU ~ rather than letting the external collective crazy run the show! How’s that sound? Our benevolent Ancestors draw close at this time of year and I can tell you: THEY are ALL for that! Come close… into your OWN plot of earth, that you tend. The body, the breath await you.

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October 13th Full Moon ~ Spiritual Aikido!

Things are SO wild, and seemingly no end in sight. We’ve got Pluto and Saturn coming together for deep purification; let’s get on board with the Divine Mother and the NOURISHMENT she provides, so we can be the BEST vessel, the BEST mirror of the Divine that we can be, ok?!

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