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Sept 9th New Moon ~ Illusions Melted, Truth Revealed!

Join the Star Beings to dig into the New Moon of Sept. 9th. We have Neptune in a “Full Moon” position, directly across from the Sun & Moon! This brings attention to the collective hypnosis we live within, and opens up opportunities to live more clearly! Dive into the Deep Blue Sea with Sally & the Stars!

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August 26th Full Moon ~ Oasis for Reinvention!

We’ve got a Grand Trine lineup this moon, with Saturn & Uranus trine the Sun. The beautiful stars of Regulus & Spica are playing a part, along with Venus too! Its a moon cycle that gives us some space to integrate the last cycles (links to the right, “Recent Moons”) From here, we build on what we’ve accomplished thus far, in centering and becoming more True to our unique destiny! Enjoy, subscribe and comment! Would love to know what you think!

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